What Are the Different Types of Marshmallow Desserts?

B. Miller

There are a number of different marshmallow desserts that can be prepared for any occasion. Though marshmallows are fairly inexpensive in stores, they are also relatively easy to make at home, typically just by blending gelatin and a simple syrup; many recipes can be found online. Simple marshmallow desserts might simply involve dipping marshmallows in melted chocolate and/or coconut, for example, or making s'mores using graham crackers and chocolate bars. There are a number of other cakes, pies, and or mixed fruit desserts that make use of marshmallows as well.

Chocolate is a popular ingredient to use in conjunction with marshmallow.
Chocolate is a popular ingredient to use in conjunction with marshmallow.

One of the most common types of marshmallow desserts are a type of snack bar made with puffed rice cereal, melted marshmallows, and butter. They don't even require baking; the ingredients are simply mixed together in a baking pan and then cut into squares to be served. There are other simple ways to make marshmallow desserts too, though. Dipping oversized marshmallows into melted chocolate and then letting it harden is one popular way; many people serve these marshmallows on sticks as a type of dessert kabob. In addition to the chocolate sauce, some will also add extra ingredients such as coconut, chocolate candies, or caramel, among others.

S'mores are another popular option for marshmallow desserts. These are a favorite campfire food, but they can also be made on a grill or just on a regular stovetop or microwave. In this dessert, a type of sandwich is made using graham crackers, a chocolate bar, and toasted marshmallows. The ingredients are melted together over the heat source and then eaten like a sandwich. Many people also take the basic tenets and ingredients of this recipe and make other desserts with a "s'mores" theme, such as s'mores cakes, cupcakes or pies with a graham cracker crust and marshmallow topping.

A whipped marshmallow frosting is a great topping for many other types of cakes and cupcakes as well. In addition, marshmallows are often added to mixed fruit salads to give them a sweeter, more dessert-like taste and appearance. Some people will also make a type of marshmallow cream to serve as a topping for a fruit salad, or another sweet dessert dish. The beauty of marshmallows is that they are relatively simple and plain, so they match well with many other different types of dessert ingredients or flavors. Experimenting with recipes to try to find new marshmallow desserts can be fun as well, particularly with kids.

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My mom used to make this amazing chocolate marshmallow pie with chocolate chips and marshmallow fluff. It was really gooey, really decadent and really delicious.

It was only a special occasion thing though. I think my mom knew that any time you baked a pie like that in a house with five kids it was going to go pretty fast.

I love to make Rice Krispee treats but with cereals besides puffed rice. I have made awesome variations with Golden grahams, Count Chocula and even Honey Bunches of Oats. After having these new variations I'm not sure why anyone makes them with puffed rice.

My favorite marshmallow dessert is a good old fashioned smore. Give me a big puffed marshmallow, half a Hershey's bar and some honey maid graham crackers and I am in seventh heaven.

Lots of people think of smores only as campfire food but there are easy ways to make them in your own kitchen. You can simply heat up a marshmallow over a stove and make a smore as you normally would. You can also put all the smore ingredients together, wrap the bundle in tine foil and then bake it for a few minutes in a hot oven. The chocolate can get kind of runny but that almost makes it taste even better.

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