What Are the Different Types of Marketing Trainee Jobs?

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Marketing trainee jobs are available in business development management, outside sales, advertising and public relations. These trainees may also work in inside sales, financial management, and administrative assistant roles. The opportunities to work in marketing are broad and diverse, and many professionals end up working in more than one discipline throughout their careers. Trainees usually help develop promotional materials, advertising campaigns, new product ideas, and sales locations. Some entry-level marketing jobs are management-oriented and entail selling and directing a location's daily operations.

One of the most common types of marketing trainee jobs is inside and outside sales. In this type of position, a professional is usually responsible for assisting with an established group of clients or sales territory. Although the trainee does not have full control of managing these accounts, he assists with resolving service concerns, analyzing account activity for potential sales opportunities, and delivering sales presentations. Sales trainees will also help develop marketing plans for an established territory, with the ultimate goals of account retention and sales volume growth in mind.


Advertising and public relations are two marketing disciplines that have a wealth of opportunities for entry-level employees. These types of marketing trainee jobs involve developing media plans, creating ad copy, and coordinating a client's campaign activities. Trainees are usually responsible for writing press releases, conducting market research, and selecting and purchasing media slots for television and print ads. Those interested in the more creative side of advertising and promotions may obtain positions that involve the development of ad slogans, campaign themes and graphic designs.

Retail management is one of the types of marketing trainee jobs. Certain organizations, such as rental car agencies, financial services companies, and major retailers typically hire college graduates for these types of positions. Trainees are responsible for developing and growing the sales volume of a particular retail location, supervising a small staff, and controlling a budget. The long-term goal of these companies is to develop these trainees into district and regional managers or move them into corporate marketing roles.

Some types of marketing trainee jobs are assistant or office-based positions. A trainee may work as an executive assistant to a Vice President of Marketing or as an assistant to a marketing coordinator. His responsibilities may include developing marketing strategies for a department, region, branch location, or multiple product lines. These types of positions often entail job duties such as light market research, event coordination, vendor or supplier selection, and designing promotional materials.


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