What Are the Different Types of Marketing Career Objectives?

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Career objectives are sections on resumes that allow candidates to state the positions they are seeking and list the main qualifications they have for such work. Some of the more popular marketing career objectives include market researcher, creative advertiser, and public relations specialist. Market researchers offer consultation services to companies seeking information about how to promote and price products. Creative advertisers design slogans and images associated with advertising campaigns. Public relations specialists help companies develop goodwill with consumers or the communities companies are based in.

Individuals working as market researchers collect information about consumer buying patterns and preferences from surveys, in-person interviews, and focus groups. Such information is used by companies when launching new products or seeking ideas for promotions and advertisements. Businesses may also solicit market researchers in order to obtain information about how competing brands are viewed by consumers, to conduct price impact studies, and to identify the most efficient ways of distributing a product or service.

Candidates with marketing career objectives in the field of market research typically have a bachelor's degree in marketing or economics. Certification or experience in psychology or sociology bolster hiring prospects. Prospective employees usually list attentiveness as one of their best traits due to the research-intensive nature of this occupation.


Creative advertisers usually work for marketing firms hired by companies to design ads or promotional campaigns. Individuals in this field typically branch off into two roles: copy writing and graphic design. Copywriters consult with clients and develop slogans and other text-based messages for ads. Graphic designers provide visual illustrations, symbols, or animation for such campaigns and often work in conjunction with copywriters to ensure congruency in the advertising message.

Copywriters usually have a bachelor's degree in communications, journalism, or English. They may also list previous experiences writing copy for other ads. Creativity is typically listed as the best character trait to include in these sorts of marketing career objectives.

Graphic designers usually have a bachelor's degree or related certification in the field of design. In marketing career objectives, communication skills are emphasized due to the importance of the designers' ability to turn abstract ideas orally expressed to them into concrete images. Professional objectives may also list attention to detail as traits of both copywriters and graphic designers.

Public relations specialists meet with community organizers, consumers, citizens, and government officials on behalf of companies in order to foster positive relationships. A company’s public image is an integral aspect marketing and sales. If a business is viewed negatively or its products are considered inferior, revenue and profits will suffer. Public relations specialists prevent such views from prevailing through open mic discussions, press conferences, and community outreach projects.

Marketing career objectives in public relations typically list candidates' educational backgrounds in disciplines such as marketing, journalism, or communications. Public relations specialists must also be quality listeners and effective communicators. Also, individuals interested in this type of marketing career may list creativity, problem-solving, and self-motivation as top qualities when providing marketing career objectives.


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