What are the Different Types of Maritime Services?

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For the most part, maritime services encompass anything related to the construction, maintenance or repair of watercraft. There are many different maritime services available, the most frequent of which are boat and engine repairs. In some other instances, however, marine services may also include the transportation or ferrying of goods or passengers, along with the maintenance and repair of wireless communication systems.

All watercraft, especially those at sea, need regular maintenance and upkeep in order to remain safe and seaworthy. The most crucial part to any water-going vessel is the hull, which is also the most commonly-damaged part of any boat; thus, boat repairs most often involve work on the hull. Hull work can include many different services, depending on the construction of the boat, its materials, or the severity of the damage. Typically, hull work involves popping dents, buffing scratches or, in some rarer circumstances, repairing holes or leaks.

Maritime services also include engine repair and maintenance. After long periods of use, marine engines can be prone to a great deal of wear, which often requires them to be replaced or, more commonly, rebuilt and refinished. The work that the engine undergoes varies greatly with the severity of the damage. Some engines might just need to have their cylinders honed, which is a milling process that removes any imperfections on the interior wall of a cylinder. Some engines, however, may need to be completely rebuilt or replaced entirely.


Other important maritime services include wireless marine communication services. Wireless communication between watercraft on the ocean requires many different instruments to ensure its functionality. There are different types of communication devices, but radios are most commonly used. Radios are used primarily for boat-to-boat communication, but are also important for receiving messages, weather reports and warnings from protection agencies, such as a coast guard service. Maintenance services for radios may involve installing or upgrading radio systems, along with repairing them.

Ferrying and sea-faring transportation are also common maritime services, especially in harbors that consist of many islands. Large islands are often home to many people, and as a result, people and goods need to be transported to and from the mainland. As a result, most harbors containing islands have regular ferrying services. These ferries not only transport people, but also goods, such as food and other supplies. Other transportation-related maritime services include maritime shipping for both freight and oil.


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