What Are the Different Types of Maritime Industry Jobs?

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The maritime industry deals with all aspects of the oceans and seas in the world, which means maritime industry jobs can be quite varied. Many jobs focus on ocean transportation and cargo transport, such as ship captains, deckhands, cargo specialists, dock workers, and even shipbuilders. Other maritime industry jobs may focus on environmental ecosystems and analyzing the human impact on waters. The tourism industry is a huge portion of maritime jobs, as people often flock to the oceans on beaches and coastline communities, as well as on boats or other vessels.

Within the tourism industry, maritime jobs can focus on accommodating tourists. Lifeguards, for example, can work on beaches where the general public will swim; boat operators can take tourists on tours of harbors or even wide-open ocean. Fishing operations can take tourists on fishing tours, and harbor police as well as the Coast Guard will enforce the law and address emergency situations at sea.

Marketing also offers countless maritime industry jobs. Cruise ship companies, for example, strive to get the general public on their ships for longer trips, which means television marketing, print advertising, radio spots, and much more will need to be created to reach that buying public. Fishing companies that will distribute various types of fish to restaurants, wholesale distributors, and more will require marketers and advertisers as well, not to mention delivery drivers, fishermen, managers, accountants, lawyers, and clerical personnel.


Cargo transport is perhaps one of the larger industries that will offer maritime industry jobs. Extremely large cargo ships can be docked in a port to be loaded, which means heavy equipment operators will need to be hired. Dock workers may be responsible for loading and transporting cargo containers that will be secured on the deck of a cargo ship, and refueling specialists will be needed to deliver fuel to these large ships. Mechanics will also be necessary not only to maintain and repair dock equipment, but also to maintain and repair ship engines and other systems on board. Deckhands will often work with dock workers to get a ship loaded, but they will also accompany the ship throughout its voyage to address various systems and processes needed to keep the ship safe and secure.

Boat storage facilities offer maritime industry jobs as well. When a boat will not be used for an extended period of time, it must be stored either in the water or on dry land, which requires a staff that can transport vessels, prepare them for long-term storage, move them, and even unload them for use after a long period of dormancy.


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