What Are the Different Types of Marine Career Opportunities?

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Some of the many marine career opportunities available for the enlisted soldier range from food service to military police and corrections jobs. While every United States Marine is a qualified rifleman in the service of her country, the military occupational specialty (MOS) of the marine can vary from music to legal services. A military base is, in reality, a small city requiring all of the careers that it would take to keep a small city on track and operational. Marine career opportunities in the form of aircraft maintenance and aviation logistics are offered to enlistees, as well as heavy equipment operation and heavy equipment mechanics.

At the time of a soldier's enlistment, she must choose an MOS in which to train for after basic training. The marine career opportunities comprise a vast list of specialties to choose from. Many technical fields such as telecommunications, radar and even X-ray are offered to the new marine. Finance specialists, public relations personnel and even meteorology training is available through the many marine career opportunities. Supply administration and logistics as well as chemical, biological and nuclear marine career opportunities are offered to new recruits. There are also marine career opportunities in the field of engineering focusing on construction, facilities and equipment that may be a stepping stone to a civilian contracting career.


Several of the marine career opportunities are more militarily related, such as ground ordinance specialist, tank and amphibious assault vehicle maintenance and field artillery specialist. These types of careers can also be a positive addition to any resume intended for police, special service or government agency placement. Other career choices include road construction and maintenance, intelligence and utilities specialist. Nearly all of the career choices available to a fresh recruit are easily related to civilian sector employment. Marines also offer shipboard training such as diesel mechanic, propulsion and navigation training, and water safety operations training.

Many of the more common marine career opportunities such as linguist, language specialist and code breakers are especially useful in the modern era of worldwide commerce. Marine career training often offers the opportunity to understand the cultures that make up the world's population, which is an added skill when working with an international company after military obligations have been met. Other in-demand marine career opportunities include pilot, avionics and jet engine technology training. Aviation hydraulics and general repair are also offered to the recruit who has an interest in aviation, however, does not wish to become a pilot.


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