What Are the Different Types of Mango Desserts?

Alex Tree

There are thousands of different mango desserts because of the mango’s flexibility, which is similar to strawberries and blueberries. It can be made into puddings, cakes, and eaten plain. Mango pudding is basically blended mango, which can be served with whole fruit, by itself, or like any other pudding. Cakes made with mango can be bake or no-bake; for example, some popular mango desserts are no-bake mango cheesecakes. As a plain fruit, mango desserts can be served cubed, frozen, or mixed with other fruits as a salad.

Mango chutney.
Mango chutney.

The different types of mango desserts includes puddings, which are basically blended mango. Some people add coconut milk or other dairy products to make the pudding thicker. Simple syrup, heated until it mixes well, is also a typical ingredient. Mango puddings can be used like any other pudding, for example, as a plain dessert, mixed with fruit, or chilled into popsicles. For popsicles with a smoother texture, honey or yogurt can be added to the blended mango.

Mango is a popular tropical fruit.
Mango is a popular tropical fruit.

While not the most popular fruit dessert, mango cakes are as varied as other types of cake. The fruit can even be incorporated into the frosting. These mango desserts are usually made by including mango in the batter of the cake before baking it. It is usually blended, but some bakers include mango in cakes in small chunks. Mango cakes usually take on the color of the fruit, so the finished product is yellow-orange.

Sometimes mango desserts are plain mango chunks, usually served fresh, but canned and frozen varieties are also popular. These chunks are occasionally frozen and mixed with other types of fruit, such as strawberries, pineapples, and blueberries. Even by itself, mango is somewhat sweet and can make a suitable and quickly put together dessert. It is also safe to eat raw, is low in fat, and has a relatively low sugar content. When eaten as a dessert, mangoes are usually peeled, but this part of the mango is also healthy to eat because of its antioxidants and vitamins.

Mango desserts are not necessarily all eaten with a fork or spoon. Smoothies, alcoholic beverages, and more can be made out of blended mango. Banana-mango smoothie recipes are particularly common, usually calling for at least one banana and mango, plus milk and sometimes sugar. These mango desserts usually turn out best when made with fresh mango, but canned or frozen mango can work if the fresh fruit is not available.

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I like mango sherbet and mango ice cream. These are sold in grocery stores but you can make it at home too if you want.

Many ice cream parlors have mango flavored ice cream too. I especially like Italian gelato and Italian ice shops and both have mango flavor.

You can always serve mango ice cream or sherbet with other desserts, like a slice of cake, brownies or cookies. I do this all the time. I like the different flavors coming together.


Does anyone have a recipe for a sticky rice and mango dessert?

I had this the other day at a Thai restaurant. It was sweet sticky rice topped with ripe mangoes and some sesame seeds. I really liked it. I want to try and make it at home.It looked like it would be very easy to make. Am I right?

Is it a problem to find ripe mangoes year around though? Can I only make it in a certain season? Most markets have mangoes but it's not so tasty when it's not the right season.


My favorite mango dessert is a mango smoothie which is also called "lassi" in Asian restaurants. It is made with either milk or yogurt, fresh mangoes put through a blender or frozen mango pulp, sugar and ice. I prefer mine with plain yogurt and mango pulp. It is delicious and a perfect dessert in the summer or after a heavy spicy meal.

Since it's easy to make at home, it's a great healthy dessert option for kids too. When I make it for my kids, I make it with some milk and vanilla ice cream which makes it a thicker smoothie. They love it (and so does my husband)!

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