What Are the Different Types of Mango Cocktails?

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The not-too-sweet and slightly mysterious tropical mango can successfully invite itself into all kinds of cocktails. It is especially welcome in tequila, vodka, and rum drinks either as a center of attention or as a whisper of flavor. From mangotinis to Sex-on-the-Tropical-Beach, mango cocktails can kick-start any party.

Mango can go it alone as the only fruity flip in a margarita, but it gets along so well with other fruits that, more often than not, it’s a ménage of several. A margarita that lets strawberries and mangos mix it up is swell on its own and even better when it’s frozen and blended into a refreshing summer slurpee. The home bartender who is caught without berries can try another fruit such as peaches or nectarines, experimenting with several mango cocktails to find the best combination.

Another yummy tequila mango drink is a cinch to put together. A little sugar water, a couple of peeled and chopped mangos, a squirt of lime, and tequila is all it takes. This is a thick drink, almost like a shake, so it’s a good idea to serve it with a spoon.


Guava juice, mango, and lime mix it up nicely with a little rum. A handful of crushed ice, a sip of the magic, and everyone will want to dance under the limbo stick. For a bartender who’s feeling lively, the addition of some sugar, some fresh ginger, and lemon or orange zest will keep the party happening.

Yet another rummy concoction is a mango mai tai. Pineapple juice, grenadine, margarita mix, and several slices of mango jump into the blender with some crushed ice and into the guests' glasses, and pretty soon, it will be the guests who are jumping with joy. As with the other mango cocktails, other fruits can be added to sweeten the fun.

A pretty-in-pink version of a kick-your-behind martini gone wild calls for coconut rum, vodka, and tequila, which is mixed with pineapple juice. Coconut cream and some chopped mango sweetens and smooths the combo in the blender. A splash of grenadine kisses these mango cocktails with the color of the setting sun.

Another powerful combination for drinkers who like to giggle when the bubbles pop can be created from mango-flavored rum, mango-flavored vodka, and champagne or other bubbly white wine. Some chopped, fresh mango and sugar syrup go in the blender with everything else except the champagne. This drink is offered in a champagne glass, with the champagne topping it just before serving.


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