What are the Different Types of Manager Jobs?

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Most companies have managers who help employers delegate staff responsibilities and resolve problems. Managers have to be able to keep overhead low, increase revenue, and make sure offices run efficiently. Since there are so many kinds of companies, there are also different types of manager jobs.

One of the types of manager jobs is a service manager at a car dealership. At most dealerships, the service manager is in charge of the repair shop. The service manager is the liaison between the customers and the repair shop. He or she is in charge of providing repair quotes, ordering parts and scheduling times for customers to drop off vehicles.

Another manager job is a warehouse operations manager, who supervises different aspects of the warehouse including distribution, sales and production. The manager also interacts with other managers of the company in order to maintain adequate inventory and reduce costs. Other duties performed by this professional include logistics and vendor management.

A sales manager is a management professional for a company who oversees other sales positions such as account managers and sales staff. The sales manager is also in charge of administrative support and marketing teams. Marketing, sales, and administrative staff work closely together to prepare monthly budgets and promote products.


Managers who work in hotels are in charge of managing all aspects of the hotel including making sure guests are happy, organizing events at the hotel, and supervising employees. The hotel manager is also the point of contact for security and maintenance issues as well as customer complaints. Other duties this manager has are making sure the hotel is up to code for building inspections and planning exit routes in case of emergency.

Clothing stores have manager jobs in order to supervise the sales staff, make sure merchandise is in the store, and handle customer disputes. A store manager performs daily operations including counting store registers, dispensing cash drawers, and making deposits. It is also the manager’s duty to monitor costs and revenue and prepare sales reports. The store manager has to hire and train employees as well as handle scheduling conflicts.

People who work in various manager jobs have to be able to communicate with staff and function under stressful conditions. Most companies prefer to hire professionals for these manager jobs who have a college degree and supervisory experience. Other skills needed for this position would include basic accounting knowledge as well as clerical and marketing skills. Individuals in this position also work long hours and weekends.


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Moldova-A regional manager, a general manager and a district manager are usually job titles used in the field of retail but can also be used in service industries.

For example, a general manager job would be in charge of a store or branch of the business. A regional manager job and district manager title are used interchangeably.

The a district manager might include a few stores for example, while a regional manager might include stores in several states.

For example, the regional manager might be in charge of southeastern region which may include the state of Florida, Georgia, and possibly Alabama.

Post 3

BrickBack-Recruitment manager jobs entail finding the right personnel in order to fill the necessary open positions.

Sometimes a recruitment manager will work for a company and other times they will work for a staffing firm.

They have to be sure his or her staff successfully places candidates in open position for the company’s clients in a timely fashion. Often the staffing industry is a fast paced industry that requires hard work because the first company to fill the position gets the revenue dollars.

This makes the recruitment manager position a bit stressful at times. They often have to conduct manager job searches and some postions are specialized like a marketing manager job.

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Sunny27-Sales manager jobs are offered to people that have worked successfully in an account manager jobs capacity.

An account manager is offered a geographic territory in which he or she is responsible for. In addition, the account manager is given sales quotas to meet and is often given a salary and combination of commission.

Some companies start an account manager at a salaried level the first year, followed by a lower salary and higher commission the second year, followed by no salary the third year.

This compensation model allows a person to adjust to a commission only environment. A sales manager often manages each of the account managers assigned to him or her.

He or she

often has to develop his account manager’s sales abilities. Often training on prospecting and lead generation is normal. Also, dealing with objections and closing the sale are critical elements that people in sales generally struggle with which is something that a sales manager has to address.
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A retail manager job requires the manager to provide adequate training to the staff along with performance reviews.

An assistant manager job entails stepping in for the store manager when he or she is not around. This type of retail manager often makes the schedule for the entire store as well as overseas major merchandising moves.

He or she also has to maintain optimal inventory levels to ensure that the maximum profit is available.

An assistant manager also has to run computer generated reports on sales volume and staffing levels. Conducting staff meetings is also necessary as well as sharing the status of the latest mystery shop report. This feedback also ensures that the employees will maintain a certain level of customer service.

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