What Are the Different Types of Management Courses?

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There are many different types of management courses that address various problems in management. Some of the most common management courses focus on specific management strategies, and these are further subdivided into various types of businesses that must be managed. Many courses of this type take on more of a leadership and communication theme rather than addressing the details of management strategies and theories. In addition to business management courses, there are also courses designed for managing one's self or even specific types of groups.

Business management courses come in many different varieties, but often focus on strategies for dealing with specific situations that might be problematic for a manager. These include problems with employees, managing finances, or time management. Usually, courses that deal with business management address many different types of problems over the duration of the class. It is possible to find classes of this type at both the undergraduate and graduate level, though in-depth courses typically do result in certification of some sort. While these courses are typically designed for someone who is seeking a business degree, there are also alternatives for people who are already working as managers.


Classes that are intended for managers who need to refresh certain skills are often formatted more like workshops than traditional academic courses. This type of class often involves sharing experiences, going through games and exercises, and learning practical skills that can help a manager refine his or her management style. Often, the focus of these management courses is on leadership and communication, which often involves learning how to motivate employees.

Management can be a very different job depending on the context. Some courses address management within a specific industry or are designed by the company employing the manager. This can provide a professional with valuable experience that directly relates to the job he or she is performing. Often, this type of course takes the form of a training program or a retreat, and many involve team-building exercises.

In addition to managing businesses, there are also courses that teach how to manage other groups and problems. For example, anger management courses help individuals manage certain aspects of their own personalities, while sports management courses teach the skills necessary to maintain sports teams. It is always possible to improve on ways of running various groups and problems, though the degree a person requires for managing a sports team is very different than the one a person might obtain to manage a business.


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