What are the Different Types of Male Cosmetic Surgery?

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Many people typically think of women when they hear about plastic surgery procedures, but lots of men want to improve their appearance, too. They may do so by getting some type of male cosmetic surgery, which usually either targets men only, or can be used by both men and women. For example, male breast reduction can combat gynecomastia, while some types of surgery can cure the effects of male pattern baldness. Facial corrections are also popular among men, including rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. Finally, many men are interested in improving the shape of their body, which is why they may be interested in liposuction and body sculpting.

One of the most popular types of male cosmetic surgery is breast reduction, which may be needed to get rid of excess fat on the chest. Some males develop what appear to be breasts due to gynecomastia, which is a medical condition often caused by a hormonal imbalance. Gynecomastia usually goes away on its own, but if it does not, the breasts can be removed using techniques similar to those used on women interested in reducing breast tissue.


Another issue that many men want to treat is male pattern baldness, and there are different types of male cosmetic surgery available for it. One procedure involves grafting parts of the scalp with hair on them to areas on the head that need more hair. Scalp reduction surgery and tissue expanders are also common ways to reduce the appearance of baldness, especially since the latter procedure is typically permanent.

Liposuction is one common way of removing fat from the body, and since many men feel just as pressured as women to stay in good shape, this is a popular type of surgery among men. It can remove fat from specific areas of the body, so men interested in targeting certain areas may be pleased with this surgery. Body sculpting is similar in that it can remove fat from specific areas of the body, though a laser beam is used to target the abdominals, legs, arms, and even the face.

There are specific male cosmetic surgery treatments available for the face, however, such as rhinoplasty. This is often known as a nose job, and can improve the size, shape, and placement of the nose. Many men also want to fix the area around the eyes, eliminating fat and tissue from the eyelids to reduce droopiness of the eyes. Such types of male cosmetic surgery can result in a younger looking face in just a few hours.


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I agree with you Talentryto. Also, today men in most areas of the country have the option to see a plastic surgery that specializes in procedures for men. They understand that men respond differently to healing, and also require different techniques to keep their masculine looks.

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Though most people think of cosmetic surgery as being something that women get, cosmetic surgery for men is more popular now than ever. If it makes men feel better, go for it!

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