What Are the Different Types of Magazine Advertising?

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Magazine advertising doesn't just vary in size, but also in type. It includes display ads, advertorials, classified and special promotions. Some of these special ad promotions may include featured products in an article or a series of articles on a certain topic.

For example, a special advertising supplement containing different online schools may accompany a magazine article about distance learning options. The online schools would be told about the piece by an advertising sales representative and offered advertising space in that particular issue. Since different schools with the same target audience will be showcased at once, the rates are typically affordable in order to reach a large consumer audience.

In other types of magazine advertising, the writer may mention specific products, such as a certain brand of hand lotion within a beauty article. These are typically the author's endorsement and the companies don't pay for the mention of their products. In some cases though, especially in some online magazine advertisements, an affiliate, or business relationship, may exist between the company and publication. If readers click on the items, they will then be shown an ad from the company in which the publication will receive a commission.

Classified ad space is often found in the back of magazines. These are often just a few lines of text with mainly contact information and a call to action such as "Ask for our free catalog." There may be a logo or small photograph used in this type of magazine advertising. Classified ads are much less expensive than the glossy full or partial page advertisements in the rest of the magazine. Yet, magazine readers who don't typically turn to the classified ad section aren't likely to see the ad, whereas many of them are likely to at least glance at the other advertisements.

Advertorials typically take up at least an entire page in the main part of a magazine. Since many of these are written like a story with a catchy headline, such as "I was fat, but discovered the amazing secret to weight loss," magazine readers may pay a lot of attention to this type of advertising by confusing it with part of the content. Due to this likely confusion in advertorial magazine advertising, there are laws in many areas in which words such as "advertisement" must be placed on the top of the ad.

Display ads are the most recognizable type in magazines. These display the product in a clear way as well as typically include at least some text. Since this type of full or partial page magazine advertising is expensive, mainly national brands are found on the pages of the most popular publications.

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@rundocuri- I agree with you. I have been making items for pets for many years, including decorative leashes and collars. My sales were down, so I placed an ad in a magazine geared towards pet lovers. My sales picked up dramatically, and I was able to get several loyal repeat customers.

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I think that the best way to get the most out of your money when it comes to advertising your service or product is to choose a magazine with a similar theme. This is the best advertising strategy for reaching as many customers as possible.

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