What Are the Different Types of Macaw Cages?

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Macaws are a type of parrot that are popular as pets with many people. They require quite a bit of care, and it is important to be sure that a macaw has plenty of room in its cage to be comfortable. Cages for these birds come in all shapes and sizes, and range from those that are very basic to ornate macaw cages with lots of attached toys.

The first consideration when selecting macaw cages is to find one that fits the bird properly. For small macaws, cages designed for other types of birds, such as cockatiels, will do. Such cages are relatively lightweight, not usually very large, and many can be hung from the ceiling, raising the bird within to eye level. Some cage types designed for smaller birds will sit on a table, while still others have legs on them and will stand on their own on the floor.

Larger types of macaw cages tend to use much heavier-gauge wire so that they can stand up to the beaks of the larger birds, such as scarlet and hyacinth macaws. The spacing of the bars is typically farther apart than with the smaller cages. These are designed to hold bigger birds and are not generally a good choice to use just to give smaller birds more space. In most cases the little ones can simply walk out between the bars.


The larger types of macaw cages are almost all designed to be freestanding. They usually have legs on them to raise the cage up and out of most drafts. These cages are often as much as 6 feet (2 m) tall and can be 3 or 4 feet ( 1 to 1.3 m) across, since large macaws need plenty of room to be able to spread their wings, even when caged. It is common for such cages to have a wall of solid plastic or metal around the lower section, to help minimize how much food gets scattered outside. The overall design of the cage may be anything from plain and boxy in appearance to an ornate, decorative piece of furniture.

It is very common for macaw cages to have toys that are attached to the cage. Many owners allow their birds time on the outside of the cage, and exterior toys give the bird exercise as well as relief from boredom. Ladders, perches, climbing ropes and mirrors are frequently part of macaw cages, and may be found inside or out. Alcoves for seed cups and places to hang water bottles are also typical cage features. Cages may be found with or without these additions.


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