What are the Different Types of Luxury Travel Tours?

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Luxury travel tours are tours that include extra comfort and special amenities that traditional tours generally do not. There are two different types of luxury travel tours: group luxury travel tours or individual luxury travel tours tours. Each type of luxury travel tour generally offers a tour guide and a group leader. Tour guides typically are specifically trained in the region in which they guide tours and might hold a degree in archeology, history or another subject related to the tour. A group leader usually has experience in the travel industry leading groups of different sizes and can help the group with any problems or questions that arise for the duration of the tour.

Group luxury tours typically include a group of travelers, a group leader and tour guides. This group of travelers generally stays together for the entire duration of the tour. The hotel accommodations typically are of the highest quality and offer amenities such as personal concierge services and deluxe spa services. The group leader of a group luxury tour is generally the main contact on the entire tour. This person can provide the personal assistance and attention to each traveler on the tour.


Individual luxury travel tours are tours in which one person, family or small group of individuals are traveling on a tour, complete with an itinerary. These tours generally offer luxury transportation such as private aircraft or first-class service on an international airline carrier, limousine transportation to and from the airport, deluxe accommodations and personal service throughout the entire tour. These tours generally attract affluent travelers who can afford the extra amenities and comfort.

Whether the luxury travel tour is a group or individual tour, the personal attention is almost always superior. There are also high-end luxury cruises that travel to exotic locations and offer luxury amenities, services and five-star references. All-inclusive luxury cruises can offer the same amenities as most luxury hotels as well as the personal assistance to meet all the needs of each traveler.

Luxury tourism also has appeared in destinations such as remote areas of Africa, Egypt and India and often can include luxury tent accommodations instead of a hotel. These types of luxury tents are typically used for groups on a safari or another type of tour centered on the outdoors. Luxury tents generally are equipped with amenities such as a bathroom and shower, and they often have teak floorboards. Tent safaris generally have an on-site personal guide that is available for the duration of each tour.


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Post 5

To me, a luxury travel tour sounds like the stuff of fantasies. I doubt I will ever be able to afford such a thing.

Having someone available to basically give you whatever you want sounds like something reserved for royalty. I really don't know if I would be comfortable with someone paying that much attention to my every need. I have gotten used to taking care of myself, so it would be a little weird for me to have a sort of paid servant for the duration of my vacation.

Post 4

@behaviourism- I agree. Tours sometimes focus on just the really mainstream things in a country or city, with very little local feel. I have even had friends who were tour guides tell me that they made things up regularly when they gave tours, or were told to tell stories which were not true because they were "interesting".

Post 3

@Ivan83- There are all sorts of luxury travel agent companies and other groups out there. I would also suggest asking around if you have friends who have been to Europe. If there's some country you especially want to go to, it might help to look online for blogs by people who stayed there or websites with special travel tips. There are all sorts of insider tips around, and while tours can be nice, they might lack an individual feel.

Post 2

I have been saving up for almost a decade to take my wife on a really nice tour of Europe. She has always wanted to go and I thought it would be more fun and meaningful if we saved up for a really big trip instead of trying to travel on a budget with limited time. If we are going to see Europe I want to really see Europe.

But now that I am getting closer to actually booking a trip I realize that I could really use some one to one help to make sure that all the details are ironed out. I haven't had much success with the big internet travel agencies. So I am wondering if there are luxury travel agents or a luxury travel agency that specializes in Europe that I could get in touch with? I think the trip would be better thanks to their expertise and maybe they can find us some deals.

Post 1

I think that these days you can book a tour that gets just about as luxurious as you want. The luxury industry has only gotten bigger and more sparkly over the last few decades and it is now possible to travel on private planes, ride in huge yachts, drive in only fancy cars and limousines and stay in hotels that rival the palaces of kings.

Of course none of this comes cheap. You can send truly astronomical sums on luxury travel if you feel so inclined. This is an industry that is not known for offering deals, the price tag is part of the appeal in a strange way. But if you have the money and you want to go big there is definitely a tour that will satisfy your needs.

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