What are the Different Types of Luxury Travel Destinations?

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Since the world is finite, the destinations for luxury tourists are mostly the same as for everyday travelers. What sets apart the creme de la creme of traveling is the attention paid to privacy, style, and service; all requirements that come with a premium. With luxury travel destinations, the issue isn't always where the trip is, but how its done.

Some luxury travel destinations are best visited by sea, and with a large budget these places can truly be seen in style. Islands such as Fiji, Tahiti, Mustique, and Hawaii all offer travel plans to suit any budget. On the exclusive Caribbean island of Mustique, where many celebrities and even royalty choose to seek out R&R, private villas feature up to nine villas and dedicated personal staff. While in Hawaii, the luxury traveler can avoid spending even a minute away from the glorious sea by simply renting a fully staffed private yacht, some of which feature hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, and even a captain's hat for the lucky visitor.

Those wanting to get a true taste of the luxury travel destinations offered by Europe may choose to forgo the posh hotels of London or Paris and simply rent a castle for a few weeks. In Ireland, Scotland, and the European continent, dozens of restored castles and chateaus with rich histories and a variety of specialty services can make for a truly legendary escape. Castle rental is also popular for destination luxury weddings.


Sometimes a vacation is all about pampering; luxury travel destinations with full-service spas certainly fulfill any wishes in that department. Destination spas tend to crop up around natural warm springs and areas with breathtaking scenery, such as Sedona, Switzerland, Jordan, and Thailand. Spas that fit the luxury bill may include services such as personal chefs, customized treatment plans, and private yoga or exercise sessions.

Just because a person is traveling in style doesn't mean he or she wants to forgo an adventure; luxury safaris in Africa have become a popular form of fashionable travel. Far from a pup tent and off-road tour, these safaris offer luxury tents and lodges, spa treatments, animal encounters, and gourmet meals. It is important for traveler's to avoid being lured into a false sense of security by all of the luxury; wild animals are still dangerous, regardless of the service level.

Luxury travel destinations can be found anywhere in the world. Many people book luxury travel through an agent or concierge, since most exclusives services will not be advertised on a regular website or internet booking page. Whether wanderlust draws a person toward the glitter of Vegas or Dubai, the seclusion of Sedona, or the vineyards of Tuscany, true luxury is available throughout the globe.


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My idea of a luxury travel destination is on a beach in the South Pacific, where I have a villa with a personal chef, massage therapist, and watercraft to pedal around in the shallows not far from shore. I'd also like the services of a cabana boy to set up my beach umbrella and bring me drinks and snacks on request.

I'm sure such places exist, and I'm equally sure that, short of winning the lottery, I'll never be able to afford them. But since it's my luxury destination fantasy, I can populate it with chefs, massuers and cabana boys galore.

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