What Are the Different Types of Luxury Home Decor?

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Luxury home decor can be minimalist and modern, or consist of displays of collectibles and artful arrangements of costly, ornamental knickknacks. Expensive furnishings, sumptuous fabrics, and elegant architectural embellishments are the hallmarks of luxury home decor. Upscale fixtures such as gold faucets and semiprecious gemstone fireplace mantels may be seen in a luxury home, and original works of art often adorn the walls. Priceless objets d’art may be displayed in antique curio cabinets or atop marble pedestals.

A trey ceiling will add height and aesthetic appeal to a room, and a crystal chandelier hanging from the center of a medallion will provide some additional luxury home decor. Adornments on the walls such as chair rail molding, panel molding and crown molding add depth and interest to what would otherwise be a plain, flat space. Persian rugs have long been established as popular floor coverings in a residence featuring luxury home decor and can add color and warmth to hardwood, tiled, or marble floors.

Genuine luxury home decor is tasteful and often understated; never garish. Simple touches such as a set of Baccarat crystal on an antique silver tray that is placed on a Hepplewhite sideboard or an authentic Ming vase sitting on a shelf will provide an air of luxury. A chess set carved out of ivory or lapis lazuli and displayed on a side table will let visitors know that a person of means lives there.


The bathroom designed with luxury home decor can have the feeling of a different culture, depending on how it is decorated. For example, a large, rectangular, sunken tub surrounded by a few reproductions of Italian sculptures such as Michelangelo’s David, the Pieta, or several Roman gods will provide the ambiance of a Roman bath, while colorful mosaics covering the walls around a copper tub will remind one of a Mexican villa. A soaking tub placed in a sunny alcove among a profusion of plants can give the feeling of bathing in a private, outdoor oasis. This feeling will be enhanced if the tub is located on a private patio or balcony.

It is possible to add luxury home decor to a residence without spending a lot of money simply by adding a few decorative touches. Fresh flower arrangements throughout the home add lots of beauty, and if they are grown in a home garden won’t cost more than the price of seeds and some labor. One painting or sculpture illuminated at night will provide a striking focal point and hint of elegance.


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