What Are the Different Types of Lunch Meat?

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The main categories of lunch meats are poultry, beef, pork, or a mix of the three. Ham is the most common type of pork luncheon meat, and it can be cooked in numerous ways. Chicken breast is one of the most common forms of poultry luncheon meat. In addition, many types of cold meats are made from beef, often differing based on the cut of cow they are made from and the method of curing. Finally, some types of luncheon meats, such as meatloaf, can be made from a variety of types of animal or multiple types at the same time.

Many different types of lunch meat are made out of pork and the most common is ham, a type of meat made out of the thigh portion of a pig. Ham can be prepared in many ways; for example, it can be both baked and smoked. Additionally, capicola is a type of Italian lunch meat which is procured from the neck or shoulder area of a pig.

Chicken breast is a type of poultry luncheon meat that is typically smoked, roasted, or baked. While this type of meat is often eaten hot, it can also be stored and used as a cold meat. Turkey breast is a type of lunch meat that is treated similar to chicken breasts.


Corned beef is a type of lunch meat made of salt-cured beef products that is popular in many parts of the world. Pastrami is a type of beef meat that is salt-cured similar to corned beef but also undergoes techniques such as steaming and smoking as well as extensive seasoning. Another beef lunch meat is the tongue of a cow, referred to simply as beef tongue. Additionally, roast beef is essentially what its name says, roasted beef that was cooked for a meal but is then saved as a lunch meat. Finally, bresaola is a type of aged meat that undergoes extensive salting and drying.

Bologna is one of the types of lunch meat that is not necessarily always made of the same type of meat, as it is typically made of finely ground pork but can also be made of other meats such as beef or chicken. Another similarly flexible style of food is meatloaf, which is made by grinding a meat such as ground beef or lamb, putting it in a dish, and cooking it. Salami is a type of lunch meat that varies in the specifics of how it is made, but it is typically fermented and includes beef, a type of poultry, as well as some other types of meats and spices. Another type of mixed meat is jagdwurst, which is a type of German sausage made up of pork and beef.


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All those dandy lunch meats and you had to go and include bologna? Well, it's not too bad if it's fried.

In these parts, the famed bologna and potato chip sandwich is somewhat popular. I get a bit queasy thinking about it, but some people love it and there are actually some sites dedicated to the sandwich on the Internet (search it up and you'll find plenty of fan sites, recipes and all sorts of strangeness).

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