What Are the Different Types of Luggage Carts?

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Suitcases and other items can make traveling a strenuous experience. Luggage carts make it much simpler to carry these bags by providing a single wheeled platform to carry them. Depending on the types of luggage and how much is being carried, the type and size of a cart is extremely important. Also known as a luggage trolley, this kind of cart is available in various styles, including folding and portable models and types that are suitable for hotels or airports.

Standard luggage carts are heavy and feature a metal bar structure on top to make it easy to grip and move around. They usually have carpeted surfaces at the bottom on which the luggage is placed. It is common to see these carts at hotel entrances, and their size isn’t an issue because space in a large hotel isn’t usually limited. An airport luggage cart is also heavy and sturdy, and large enough to hold a few bags that travelers need for their trips. They are a little smaller to make it easier for people to move them about through airport terminals.


For personal use, a folding luggage cart can be transported to where the luggage will need to be wheeled. The folding design allows for storing the cart at home or in the car when it is not being used. Many brands are available and these luggage carts bypass the need to find carts at a particular location. Some folding carts do not fold up at the base, making them still somewhat bulky, but the ones that do can fit into really tight spaces.

Even compact luggage carts can be folded up, and are sturdy solutions for carrying as much as 75 pounds (34.02 kg) of luggage. They have a lightweight steel frame and eliminate any chance of damaging luggage by dragging it around. Instead of having to borrow a bulky cart, such carts can be stowed away in the closet, cabinet, or drawer for when they are needed. There are also micro carts that can fold up and are very light, yielding one of the most convenient of luggage accessories.

The choices of luggage carts are vast and there are many popular brands. No matter what method is used for transporting luggage, the appropriate product can be found at many department store. Some are also sold online by specialty retailers and big-name shopping sites.


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