What Are the Different Types of Low Fat Diets?

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There are several low fat diets available to consider to encourage weight loss, improve heart health, and to prevent obesity. Some of these diets are also designed to help the participant lower his or her cholesterol levels as well. Some examples of currently used low fat diets include the TLC diet, the Pritikin diet, and the Dean Ornish diet. These, and most other diet plans, encourage consuming appropriate portions of food while including exercise and other healthy behaviors for optimum effect. Expertly designed diets typically focus on nutrition, calorie intake, and providing support to ensure the participants are comfortable continuing the program long term for excellent results.

The TLC diet is often used to as a weight loss plan and focuses on including foods rich in fiber and healthy fats for proper nutrition and body function. Protein consumption is encouraged as well, since proteins are the body's building blocks for healthy and strong muscle tissue. This diet recommends a carefully orchestrated routine including the correct amount of carbohydrate intake, eliminating saturated fats as much as possible, and beginning an exercise program for increased health and weight loss. While effective when carefully followed, some people find this diet too time consuming and are more successful with other low fat diets.


Another type of low fat diet, the Pritikin diet, also focuses on low fat foods and healthy carbohydrates, but this one is also famous for its delicious recipes to encourage long term healthy eating. In this diet, participants are encouraged to eat satisfying portions of food made from fresh grains, vegetables, and lean proteins. Some participants choose to visit the Pritikin health spa in the initial stages to kick start their weight loss, but it is also possible and effective to take part in this diet from home. Like the others, this diet plan also encourages exercise as a weight loss tool.

Some low fat diets are specifically designed to aid in heart health. The Dean Ornish diet actually contains two diets in one for maximum heart health. The reversal phase of the diet is intended to help people with existing heart conditions reduce the effects of the disease on their bodies and regain their previous good health. In the prevention diet, participants are taught how to eat correctly to prevent heart and cardiovascular conditions from occurring. While anyone can benefit from that aspect of the diet, many people at high risk for heart disease choose this diet as a precaution.


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