What Are the Different Types of Low Calorie Breads?

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The different types of low calorie breads can be divided into homemade recipes, store bought varieties, and alternate forms of bread. Homemade recipes are one way to obtain low calorie bread, and many different recipes are available. Pre-made breads of several different varieties are available in stores. Finally, the traditional loaf of bread can be replaced with alternate types of bread that have a lower calorie count.

Many recipes are available for making low-calories bread at home. Some of these recipes use artificial sweeteners to cut down on the calories from sugar. Others add ingredients such as fresh fruit or molasses to give the bread a more interesting flavor or different texture, without adding extra calories. Also, many simple yeast based recipes are low calorie or can be easily modified to make a bread with fewer calories.

The diet industry has produced numerous store-bought brands of low calorie breads, catering to consumers who are on diets or are trying to be more health conscious. These healthier options come in several different varieties and appeal to people on different types of diets. For example, some low calorie breads may have less sugar because they are made with a sugar substitute. Other common formulations are high fiber, low carbohydrate, and made with whole wheat or whole grain flour. All of these options offer bread with fewer calories that may fit well into different types of diets.


Another way to have bread with fewer calories is to use something besides the traditional loaf of bread that is eaten in sandwich-style slices. Some alternatives to bread have fewer calories and can often be used in exactly the same way. Whole wheat tortillas or wraps, pita bread, english muffins and crumpets can all serve as alternatives to ordinary bread. Some of these options can take the place of bread in a meal without adding as many calories.

Just like traditional loaf-style low calorie breads, many of these alternative products are marketed in grocery stores as "healthy" or "diet" options. They may offer additional benefits such as added fiber or reduced carbohydrates as well. When choosing a store-bought low calorie bread, it is a good idea to pay attention to the packaging and to be aware of the dietary information available.


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