What are the Different Types of Loose Hair Styles?

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Most of the time, a loose hair style describes a style that is unconstrained. Some hair styles are achieved by pinning up and attaching a clasp, but in most instances, loose hair styles would not be confined in any way. The length of the hair can be shoulder length or longer, and either curled or straight.

Bangs are sometimes worn with loose hair styles. Bangs are fringes of hair cut across the forehead, usually ending just above the eyes. Hairstyles with bangs are often popular with people who have high foreheads, as they break up the distance between eyebrow and hairline. Bangs are sometimes cut in loose layers, so they feather as they blend into the hair at the sides of the face.

Some loose hair styles are meant to look bohemian. The bohemian look can be either straight or wavy, but in most cases, this hairstyle is worn very long. In many ways, a bohemian hair style is a reflection of the hippie era of the 1960s.


Shag haircuts typically describe loose hair styles that are layered. Shorter layers on the top blend in with longer layers all the way down the length of the hair. Shag hair styles sometimes have as many as five or six layers, depending on the length of the hair. This loose style can be done in many different lengths, with or without bangs. Though a shag can be either straight or curled, if there are several layers, it is probably more suitable for curly hair.

Blunt cuts are loose hair styles that are recommended for people whose hair is thin or wispy. This is because having the ends of the hair cut straight across often makes the hair look thicker and healthier. Blunt cuts can be any length, but to achieve the best results in terms of making hair appear thicker, these cuts should probably be shoulder length.

Not all loose hair styles have to be worn hanging down. One popular example is a Victorian-inspired hairdo that involves putting hair up into a bun or twist. To achieve this look, hair should be pinned up loosely, allowing tendrils of hair to escape around the face and neck. This style is suitable for most any type of hair, as long as there is enough length to pin the hair up and secure it in place. This style works as either a formal or a casual style, depending on clothes and makeup.


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Post 3

@umbra21 - You might want to try a whole bunch of different hair gels or sprays to see if you can find one which will help.

You don't want it to be completely immune to the wind of course, but there are some kinds that will allow it to be smoothed easily back into place even after it's been blown to pieces.

Or you might just need to accept that having long hair means styles need to be structured most of the time, just to keep it out of the way.

I had long hair for a while and I tried to tie it up most of the time.

It's a bit ridiculous but I also liked the idea that a

loose hair style was just for the special times. Like in the movies when the heroine finally lets her hair done and it's shown like a big event.

And a pony tail isn't really difficult to set up as long as you use the right product to keep the frizzy bits down and under control.

Post 2

@KoiwiGal - I have quite long and fine hair as well and I am always envious of how movie stars seem to have perfect looking loose hair without spending any time on it.

In reality, if I don't want mine to end up looking like a tangled mess half way through the morning, I either have to style it pretty thoroughly, or straighten it which, as you say, can damage it if not done properly.

Unfortunately, I live in a very windy city and wearing a loose style is just not all that practical. The closest I can come is to wear a low headband to try and control it and even then the hair can end up getting all over the place.

But, you know, I love my hair when it's looking nice, so I can't bear to cut it.

Post 1

My favorite loose style takes a while but it is quite easy to achieve.

I brush my hair out and then I wash my hair and comb it straight with my fingers. Then I spray it with a glossy hair straightening spray.

Then I braid it firmly down the back of my head. Sometimes I will use a french braid, or maybe pigtail braids, but usually just one straight braid.

Then I just leave it to dry, usually overnight.

The next day it will come out with a lovely, gentle wave without the need of any heating or damaging at all.

I don't know if it would work on all hair types, but mine is quite fine and frizzy and this is a good way to keep it calm but still wear it loose.

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