What Are the Different Types of Lobster Salad?

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Lobster salads come in many forms, from the traditional Cobb featuring several types of lettuce to a salad roll that can be eaten like a sandwich to several salads that infuse herbs and even fruit with the lobster meat. Napoleon-style salads and the standard fresh lobster style salad can be the highlight of any lunch or dinner. From a mango-infused lobster served in a frankfurter bun to filo dough-stuffed salad, the lobster offers many salad choices.

Cobb salads with lobster feature a combination of Romaine and watercress salad topped with a combination of cooked lobster meat, cooked bacon and green beans. Tomatoes, avocados and Roquefort cheese are also used. The salad is topped off with hard-boiled eggs and a balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing.

Lobster salad rolls feature lobster salad tucked inside frankfurter rolls. The salad is made of a combination of cooked lobster, celery and scallions. It also features parsley leaves, mayonnaise and lemon juice and is finished to taste with Tabasco® and pepper. The rolls should be brushed with butter and lightly toasted in an oven before being topped with the lobster salad.

Tarragon lobster salad is served alone or on a buttered and toasted frankfurter bun. Tarragon lobster salad is made from lobster meat, shallots and lemon juice, which is combined with mayonnaise and freshly-chopped tarragon. The salad may be made a day ahead of time and kept covered and chilled.


Lobster salad with mango emulsion features cantaloupe, canary melon and honeydew melon. It is mixed with radish seedlings and topped with shelled lobster, lemon juice and olive oil. The emulsion is made in a blender by blending olive oil, hazelnut oil and mustard. Mint, vinegar and mango are also added into the emulsified puree. The salad is topped with some radish seedlings and a few drops of Chinese chili oil and is served cold.

Lobster salad Napoleons feature lobster tail meat, lemon dressing and tomatoes. These ingredients, along with arugula leaves and salt are stuffed inside a filo pastry. The lobster tails are cooked for 10 minutes, then put in ice water for a few minutes to cool before the meat is pulled out of the tail, coarsely chopped and mixed with the other filling ingredients. The filo-Parmesan pastry is made with sheets of filo dough brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese. The squares are then baked and can be used warm or cooled.

Fresh lobster salad features baby arugula tossed with a dressing of orange juice, extra-virgin olive oil, and shallots. Garlic and honey round out the dressing along with salt and pepper. The salad mixture is topped with a bean mixture, cooked lobster tail meat and thinly-sliced eggs. Diabetic lobster salad can be served on a bed of spinach or lettuce. It features lobster tail meat, mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. The salad also features plain yogurt, celery and bell peppers in addition to lettuce leaves, green onions and lemon juice.


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