What are the Different Types of Litigation Services?

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When people think of litigation services, they often think of a team of people involved in high-profile courtroom drama; however, it is much more than that. Risk management, crisis management, negotiations, mediations, alternative dispute resolution proceedings, and, of course, all stages of litigation proceedings can be included under the term litigation services. Hiring a quality litigation services team can make a difference in the outcome of many legal issues.

Starting with the obvious, a litigation services team helps lawyers prepare and present a case before a judge and/or jury. They can create powerful exhibits and prepare evidence that so that it follows the rules of law in the court. They may help smaller law firms use the newest deposition technology, such as videography and electronic or paperless transcripts. They can also manage, organize, and review documents, thereby aiding the lawyers with discovery.

Not all issues immediately go to court. Sometimes a client may question whether there really is a potential issue. In that case, a litigation services team may be comprised of a group of lawyers and non-lawyers who analyze risk for clients. They can inform the client whether an issue poses a professional liability to them and how they can best alleviate that liability. A risk management team can save the client time and money before the issues turn into a crisis.


Some clients may face crisis management issues and need a litigation services team that focuses on such problems. For example, if a client's product is discovered to be harmful, a team may be needed to manage the crisis. The team will work with the client to handle press releases, media coverage, and public outrage in a professional, timely, and effective manner.

Sometimes an issue may be handled by a litigation services team outside of a courtroom. The team may work with the client and a group of lawyers to negotiate a contract or to resolve a dispute through mediation. Such actions can save the client time and money. Although the client may never set foot inside a courtroom, there may still be a need for powerful exhibits and evidence that supports the client's cause.

In all, an experienced litigation services team is an essential factor for most clients and lawyers. They handle the certain legal aspects and give the lawyers the chance to focus on deeper issues. Most teams work hand-in-hand with the lawyers on a case for the benefit of the client.


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