What are the Different Types of Lipstick?

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When selecting lipstick, choosing the right type is as important as choosing the most flattering color. Making the best selection is simpler if you know which benefits different lip treatments have to offer.

If you tend to have dry lips, you may want to choose a moisturizing lipstick. While this type may need to be reapplied more often than others, it contains ingredients like aloe, glycerin and vitamin E to keep your lips soft. A very shiny lipstick, the moisturizing variety gives your lips a wet look while making them more hydrated.

Satin and sheer lipsticks are also good choices for dry lips. Saturated with moisture because they contain a high concentration of oil, these lipsticks create a shiny, glossy finish. Both may appear darker in the tube than they actually look on your lips, and satin or sheer lipstick must be reapplied frequently.

Cream lipsticks contain more wax than other varieties, which helps protect lips but may cause them to feel dry. The finish is not as shiny as other styles of lipstick and may require an application of lip-gloss to achieve the desired look. Lip-gloss may also be necessary with matte lipstick. Although matte lipsticks are known for good color, the color is flat instead of shiny. Matte lipstick also tends to dry the lips, so applying a moisturizing base before using it may be advantageous. Look for products containing vitamin E and aloe.


Very popular in the past and still a favorite for many, frosted lipstick reflects light, making your lips sparkle and glisten. It can feel heavy and may dry or crack, so a moisturizing base may be of benefit with this product as well.

Long-wearing and transfer-resistant lipsticks are the preferred lip treatment for on-the-go women who don't have time to fuss with their make up. Either type will keep your lips looking beautiful for hours. Long-wearing lipstick should last from 4 to 6 hours, while transfer-resistant may last 8 or more. Both may feel somewhat dry, so look for products that contain moisturizers or use a base.

You can have soft, beautiful, shimmering lips, and it's easy if you know what to look for.


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