What Are the Different Types of Lip Balm Packaging?

Christina Edwards

Making lip balm can be a fun and lucrative hobby. There are several types of lip balm packaging, including lip balm tubes. Plastic or glass pots are also popular, as are metal tins. Thin lip balm can be packaged in squeeze tubes or tubes with applicators.

Lip balm can be applied to the lips with a squeeze tube.
Lip balm can be applied to the lips with a squeeze tube.

Lip balm tubes are one of the most popular types of lip balm packaging. Lip balm users can often twist a portion of these tubes to raise and lower a solid stick of lip balm. This can then be rubbed directly onto the lips. A cap can be slipped onto the top of the tube to protect the lip balm from dirt and debris.

Some lip balm packaging is made from recyclable materials.
Some lip balm packaging is made from recyclable materials.

Lip balm pots are simply very small jars made from either plastic or glass. Lip balm pot lids can have either flip tops or screw tops. Lip balm users with this type of lib balm container must rub their finger on the lip balm inside, then apply it to their lips. These pots are popular because they are typically the easiest type of lip balm packaging to fill. Plastic lip balm pots are also less expensive than other types of packaging, on average.

Other popular types of lip balm packaging include lip balm tins. These are very similar to lip balm pots, but they are made from metal. The lids can either be snapped on or screwed on. As with lip balm pots, tin users generally apply the balm using their fingers.

Makers of thin lip balm, usually referred to as lip gloss, have other lip balm packaging options. Squeeze tubes are one popular packaging option for this type of lip balm. These are soft, pliable plastic tubes with holes in the tips. When the tube is squeezed, lip balm comes out of the hole, and it can be applied to the lips.

Tubes with applicators are also available. These are usually hard plastic or glass tubes with an applicator connected directly to the bottom of the lid. When the lip is screwed on, the applicator is dipped into the lip balm, and when it is removed, the balm can be applied to the lips. The applicator is usually a small brush or sponge.

Several companies also offer eco-friendly lip balm packaging, including recycled lip balm tubes and pots. Biodegradable and recycled lip balm tubes and pots also are available.

Some lip balms are applied with a finger.
Some lip balms are applied with a finger.

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I love lip balm, but always use the tube containers instead of the tins or pots. I use a lot of lip balm and don't know how clean my hands are, so don't want to have to worry about that.

I also work outside, so am out in the sun quite a bit and try to look for lip balm with spf 15 protection for my lips.


I know a lady who has her own business and she started out by just selling lip balm. She is very creative in her packaging and uses many different kinds and colors of lip balm containers.

She says she sells more of the tubes than the metal tins, but many people still like using their lip balm from a tin. The skinny plastic tubes have also become very popular.

The label is what really makes her product stand out, but it is nice to have so many options of colors and containers to choose from.

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