What Are the Different Types of Library Science Scholarships?

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Different types of library science scholarships include those that are provided by library schools, private scholarship programs offered by third parties, and professional organizations. In addition, some employers may also offer library science scholarships to employees. Each type of scholarship has its own requirement, including application deadlines, so those who want or need to receive library science scholarships should research scholarship programs while also investigating degree programs.

Professional organizations for librarians often sponsor several library science scholarships. The amount of money available through these programs varies by organization and the scholarship itself. In some cases, a library science student will need to be a student member of the professional organization in order to be eligible for these programs. The qualifications for these scholarships also vary, with some being made available to those who already work in a library environment, older students, or students who wish to specialize in a particular type of library work, such a school or government document librarianship.


Many schools that offer a library degree program offer scholarships. In some cases, a student may be automatically eligible for these awards after he or she has been accepted into a library degree program. In other cases, the student may have to complete a separate application for scholarships. Students who are interested in scholarship programs should be aware that there is usually an application deadline for these programs, so they should apply to the library school of their choice as early as possible to be eligible for as many library science scholarships as possible.

Libraries and businesses that have their own in-house libraries, such as law firms, may offer library science scholarships to their employees. In some cases, those who have worked as library technicians or even as volunteers may be eligible for these scholarships. Library workers who are interested in pursuing higher education in the area of library science should ask their employer about both scholarships and tuition reimbursement plans that can help them pay for their education.

Individuals who are interested in becoming librarians and applying for library science scholarships can use the Internet to find pertinent scholarship programs. There are some websites that offer free scholarship search services that can direct the applicant to all types of scholarship programs, including those that are specific to library science as well as general scholarship programs that can provide financial assistance to students regardless of their area of specialization. School applicants should also contact the financial aid departments at the schools to which they apply and ask for a list of scholarship opportunities.


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