What Are the Different Types of Legal Administrator Jobs?

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Legal administrator jobs can be found at law firms or at corporations where there are internal legal teams. The role is a leadership one that may require participation across various divisions in addition to involvement with multiple projects as well as court systems. A law degree may not be required, depending on the scope of the job and the employer. Educational preparation, such as a degree in business management, administration, or personnel management, all help to prepare an industry professional for legal administrator jobs. Most of these jobs are management positions with some allowing more seniority than others.

Corporations across industries, ranging from payroll firms to publishing companies, could have internal legal departments. Legal administrator jobs can be found at companies with legal teams. The professionals in these administrator roles are likely to be engaged with the corporate lawyers in addition to personnel in other divisions at the company. In fact, the administrator might serve as the point person for the legal team before it is necessary for a corporate lawyer to become involved. Individuals who fulfill legal administrator jobs should possess problem-solving skills as these professionals are likely to become involved with disagreements.

Not surprisingly, legal administrator jobs can also be fulfilled at attorney firms. The individuals holding administrative positions may have a hand in running the entire firm. This job may require involvement with financial reporting, budget tasks, and human resource management.


Administrative professionals employed by a law firm are likely to work closely with some of the top partners to keep other members of management aware of any pressing needs for change. It is not uncommon for legal administrators to also participate in growing a law firm by performing recruitment functions when new personnel are being hired. An employer, such as a law firm, may require that some formal industry training be earned, such as a certified legal manager (CLM) certification, an industry designation that may also lead to other industry perks.

It's possible that legal administrator jobs may be found at leading accounting firms. There is often depth to the legal teams at these corporations, given the sensitive nature of the accounting field. Individuals fulfilling these roles may be responsible for evaluating risk in certain activities going on at the firm and determining when that exposure is not appropriate. This high-profile position may require a significant amount of experience including involvement with court systems.


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