What Are the Different Types of Ledger Printers?

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Ledger printers may be featured as color or black and white printers. Some function as laser printers while others offer inkjet technology. Ledger printers may also come with fax and scanning capabilities in addition to various print settings.

Individuals who work in accounting and bookkeeping fields often rely on printers with the capability of printing accounting and financial statements on special ledger-size paper. Without such printers, accounting journals must often be sent to a special outside printer or may need to be completed by hand. Ledger printers, however, offer the convenience of printing important accounting information that is stored on a computer in much the same way that other business documents are printed using standard office printing machinery.

As is often found with other office printers, ledger printers may produce documents in color or black and white ink qualities. While black and white printing offers a standard option used by many who are charged with keeping an accurate record of all business accounts, many prefer to color code certain monetary transactions and account balance information. For example, debits may be printed in a certain color ink while credits may be printed in another in an effort to create at-a-glance style ledgers.


Laser ledger printers are those that print ledger information with the use of laser technology. These laser printers use light that is transmitted through a drum and toner to project an image on paper. This technology is very similar to that which is used to create photocopies and can be purchased in types which produce color as well as black and white imagery.

Other ledger printers use inkjet technology to transfer images to paper. Specifically, inkjet printers use very tiny dots of ink which are not visible to the naked eye, but are combined to create a printed ink image. Inkjet printers can be purchased in styles that produce color or black and white imagery based on a purchaser’s preference.

Some ledger printers can offer other useful business features, as well. These include the abilities to scan, photocopy or fax documents. Printers are offered in different sizes and styles, including duplex ledger printers that can print information on both sides of a single sheet of paper. The amount of printing use each printer can accommodate also varies, with some offering industrial or very high business use while others are intended for smaller print jobs.


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