What Are the Different Types of Lecturer Positions?

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Different kinds of lecturer positions can include potentially tenure-track or non-tenure positions at a university as well as opportunities to lead a workshop or seminar as a speaker. In some countries, the term “lecturer” can be used to refer to a college teacher who is on a tenure track and performs research as well. In other countries, this refers to a non-tenure track teacher who educates but does not perform research. There are also lecturer positions for someone who accepts speaking engagements such as seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Lecturer positions typically refer to employment opportunities in which a person is paid to speak, usually as a teacher or advisor to others. In the UK, the title of “lecturer” is often used for someone who teaches at a college or university. This position is often a fairly entry-level one that has about the same status as an “associate professor” in the US and some other countries. Teachers in lecturer positions in the UK are often on their way along a tenure track, which means they can have tremendous job security, and this position can lead to a professorship.


In the US, however, lecturer positions typically refer to educators at a college or university who are more temporarily employed. Tenure-track positions at American colleges are usually referred to as different forms of professorships, such as “associate professor” or “research professor.” A lecturer at a university in the US is often employed only for a single semester, or is contacted to teach classes occasionally and not on a full-time basis. Most lecturer positions in the US are meant as opportunities in which someone performs little or no research at the college and only teaches classes.

There are also some lecturer positions that exist outside of the educational environment of colleges and universities. These opportunities are typically intended for someone who lectures in a more literal way, often as a guest speaker who may educate others through talking rather than by facilitating learning and administering tests. Lecturer positions are often available for knowledgeable professionals in different fields who may be invited to attend and speak at a workshop or conference. These types of lecturers may be asked to provide an educational speech at a seminar. They can also talk about upcoming developments within an industry and give those just entering the professional field guidance and advice to assist them.


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