What Are the Different Types of Lecturer Courses?

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There are four main types of lecturer courses that will prepare a person for this craft. Classes for academic lecturers and professional lecturers cover speech planning, speech writing, speech delivery, and knowledge of a content area. These types of courses are rarely labeled as lecturer courses in college catalogs or lecturer preparation guides. Before any lecturer can begin her trade, she must have something to speak about. Those who lecture are often experts in their field and use speaking as a means to impart their knowledge to an audience.

A student’s lecturer courses should begin with classes on topics he wishes to share with an audience. Knowing how to lecture by itself is often considered insufficient. Whatever the topic or the type of speaker, any capable lecturer needs to have a deep knowledge of his material. Therefore, there are as many types of lecturer courses as there are topics on which to speak. If the speaker wants to lecture about harassment in the workplace, for example, courses in psychology would be beneficial.


Along with knowledge of content, a lecturer must be able to organize her thoughts and write a speech. Writing classes are a type of lecturer course because they provide instruction on research, note taking, and speech organization and writing. Academic and professional lecturers view lecture preparation as key for avoiding a rough speech where pertinent information may be forgotten or misunderstood by the audience. After preparations are made, the lecture must be delivered to an audience. Therefore, public speaking is another type of lecturer course that must be considered. Lecturers must often have the ability to deliver information to an audience that is understandable and perhaps even entertaining.

Lecturer courses that focus on public speaking are not all about the speaker, however. This type of course will also require the lecturer to know the audience, their purpose for listening, and how to use that information to get an audience's attention and keep it. Writing classes that include speech planning and organization as well as public speaking classes are types of courses that are necessary for any aspiring lecturer. Lecturer courses, whether titled that way or not, are most often found under the categories of education or teacher education and communication. These are the areas that incorporate speech planning, speech writing and delivery, and knowledge of a specific content area into their curriculum.


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