What Are the Different Types of Learning Disability Activities?

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Learning disability activities vary according to the disability that is targeted. Some of the most common learning disability activities are reading games for children with dyslexia, and word games for students with mental retardation. Some children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have learning difficulties due to a short attention span and inability to focus on schoolwork. For these students, special exercise programs may improve concentration. Many problem-solving activities are designed for individuals who have difficulty in math, a condition sometimes referred to as dyscalculia.

People with learning disabilities often seek help from learning disability specialists or therapists. Activities assigned to students are generally conducted in a classroom setting. Multisensory learning disability activities generally focus on reading and writing.

Reading and writing exercises will involve the senses, including hearing, sight and touch. The child may learn to associate various letters or symbols with scents or textures. Materials such as modeling clay may also be used in multisensory activities.

Children with learning difficulties in math may benefit from an activity known as math hopscotch. Math hopscotch is a game that incorporates cognitive exercises with physical activity. Directions for this game may taught by a learning specialist.


Activities for adults with varying degrees of developmental delays include various games and crafts. Physical recreation programs are often encouraged for both children and adults with mental retardation. Online video games include puzzle and logic activities designated for individuals with mild to moderate mental retardation.

Summer school classes are often suggested for children and teenagers with learning disabilities. These programs may include social interaction activities or field trips. Activities for students affected by autism spectrum disorders often include camping or hiking excursions. Physical exercises are designed to help those with all types of learning disabilities. Many experts believe that outdoor recreation activities can be beneficial in many ways.

Various software programs incorporate learning disability activities for children and adults. Many of these programs can be downloaded online or purchased on compact disc. Exercises that are created for children with ADHD may include concentration and memory games. Other learning disability activities for ADHD include what is commonly referred to as command-action games. This is where the subject is given a series of commands or tasks to complete in sequence.

Other types of learning disability activities include free online games. These activities often involve problem-solving exercises, both simple and complex. Interactive activities allow a group to participate together. Online word games are popular for both children and adults and may help improve reading and spelling skills of individuals with learning disabilities.


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