What are the Different Types of Lawn Mower Attachments?

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Lawn mower attachments can be a great way to get maximum use out of a mower, however, not all attachments fit all mowers, and in fact sometimes lawn mower attachments are only available for riding lawn mowers. It is a good idea to check with the manufacturer to find out what attachments are available to fit a specified model of mower. Some of the more common lawn mower attachments are specialty blades, mulchers, and grass catchers. More expensive attachments include aerators, tillers, and sweepers. Installation and removal of these attachments can take some time, but they can transform a standard mower into a multi-use piece of lawn equipment.

Aerator lawn mower attachments are usually designed to attach to the mower’s tires. The attachment wraps around the tires so that aeration occurs while the grass is being mowed. Most aerator attachments have wheel coverings consisting of narrow spikes designed to penetrate the soil up to about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm). While this penetration may not be deep enough for gardening needs, it is generally considered adequate for lawn maintenance.


Grass catchers can make a big difference in the time it takes to achieve a manicured lawn. These attachments are intended to catch and contain the grass as it is being cut, which often eliminates the need to rake the lawn after it has been mowed. Grass catcher attachments include removable bags that actually hold the grass. Depending on bag capacity and the size of the lawn, the bags may have to be emptied periodically while mowing. The price of a grass catcher attachment varies depending on capacity and manufacturer.

Tiller attachments are popular for use with riding lawn mowers, and depending on the type of garden, using these attachments can sometimes eliminate the need for plowing. Some of the more expensive models can turn a riding lawn mower into a mini-plow. Most tiller attachments are available only for riding lawn mowers.

Lawn sweepers are usually capable of collecting more than just grass. These lawn mower attachments pick up small sticks and stones as well. While they are picking up lawn debris, these systems are also sweeping the grass, creating the look of professional landscaping. Lawn sweepers can usually be purchased for both riding and push mowers, though the riding mower attachments typically have a larger capacity. Most lawn sweepers have dump removal systems, which eliminate the need for using grass catching bags.


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Post 2

I too have been learning about all the attachments offered on riding and some walk-behind mowers. One disappointing piece of information I have learned is that when you have a used mower like I have, finding attachments to fit the mower can be a challenge.

I have searched yard and garage sales and some online sites to find some attachments, but still there are some that I would like to have but have been unable to locate. If you like taking advantage of all the available lawn mower attachments and you plan to purchase a pre-owned mower then be sure you can find the attachments easily before you purchase the mower.

Post 1

We have a garage full of tools and yard equipment. I now realize that our lawn mower can do many of the jobs we use other tools to do, and some of the jobs we hire other people to do. In the past, we have used the mower to cut grass and nothing else. Now I am learning more about the many riding lawn mower attachments available for our mower.

Last year we learned that we could use the riding mower to aerate the lawn in the fall. This is a job that we had previously paid a lawn service company to complete.

In addition to the aerator tire covers mentioned in this article, you can buy aerators that can be attached to the back of the mower and pulled across the lawn. This is the type we used and it worked very well.

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