What are the Different Types of Lavender Body Scrubs?

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There are many types of lavender body scrubs made from several types of lavender. From the more than 20 different species of lavender, true lavender, spike lavender and lavandin are some of the most commonly used types in body scrubs. Used for more than 2,500 years because of its relaxing and uplifting properties, lavender is one of the most popular types of body scrubs.

Many lavender body scrubs are mixed with other essential oils such as sweet almond oil and citrus oil. Additional ingredients can include olive oil, oatmeal, jojoba/beeswax beads, butters, milk, clay and seaweed. Depending on the aromatherapy and skin needs, there are different types of lavender body scrubs available. The body scrubs also can be made of a combination of salt or sugar with lavender oil.

One of the different types of lavender body scrubs is made with true lavender, or English lavender. This scent is typically sweet and floral-like. The aromatherapy properties from this type of lavender body scrub are believed to be soothing, relaxing, balancing and calming.

Spike lavender is another scent commonly used in different types of lavender body scrubs. This type smells like a combination of eucalyptus and lavender. Lavandin, or Dutch lavender, is a combination of the true and spike lavenders. It has a woody, camphor aroma that some people believe has balancing and purifying properties.


There also are many different types of lavender body scrubs that are a combination with another strong scent such as vanilla or citrus. The benefits of using a lavender body scrub can include exfoliating the skin, rehydrating the next layer of skin and making the skin smooth and soft, as well as lifting the mood. Some people use these types of body scrubs before bedtime to help with minor cases of insomnia.

The main difference between sugar-based and salt-based lavender body scrubs is the grain size. Sugar body scrubs typically dissolve quickly and are less abrasive to sensitive skin. Salt body scrubs can utilize a wide variety of salts such as Dead Sea and Epsom salts and are commonly used as natural exfoliates.

Many of the different types of lavender body scrubs are made with soap and can be the only bath or shower cleanser needed. Others are made to exfoliate the skin and need to be used in conjunction with other bath products. Users need to read the body scrub’s label to understand the daily use instructions.


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