What Are the Different Types of Laser Technician Jobs?

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The different types of laser technician jobs include cosmetic laser technicians, medical laser technicians, and hair removal laser technicians. Cosmetic laser technicians usually work in a spa or other facility and require some specialized training. Medical laser technicians primarily work in clinical settings and perform various cosmetic and other medical laser procedures. Laser hair removal technicians perform painless and permanent hair removal that is popular for both men and women. Most laser technician jobs require some type of certification from the state or other local governing authority, so the best training courses and schools offer state-approved training and certification upon completion of coursework.

Those working in cosmetic laser technician jobs are typically licensed estheticians working under the close supervision of a medical doctor. These technicians may work in a medical spa or other similar medical facility and operate a cosmetic laser used in a number of skin care and skin treatment applications. Those serving in these types of laser technician jobs evaluate the client's skin and consult with a doctor or other medical professional to develop the appropriate skin care treatment plan. This type of laser treatment may be used to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, treat rosacea, and reduce varicose veins.


Most medical laser technician jobs are found in cosmetic medical practices, clinics, doctor-supervised wellness centers, dermatologist's offices, and medical spas. These laser technicians typically work alongside a board certified physician, registered nurse, and medical aesthetician. Common procedures performed by a medical laser technician include microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and enzyme peels.

People working in hair removal laser technician jobs may work virtually anywhere, including medical clinics, salons, and health spas. Some laser hair removal technicians may also be referred to as electrolysis professionals. In 2011, laser hair removal is increasing in popularity and is performed on both men and women. It offers clients an affordable means to remove hair either permanently or temporarily. Laser hair removal technicians typically receive training in hair biology, growth cycles, laser safety, and the actual operation of laser equipment. Due to the popularity of this painless laser treatment in the early 21st century, there appear to be many opportunities for employment in this sector.


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