What Are the Different Types of Laser Cut Kits?

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There are numerous laser cut kits created for different hobbies, including model airplane construction, dollhouses, and pen inlays. Using laser cutting equipment, industries and small business owners cut shapes into or out of sheets of balsa wood or plywood, depending on the model type. Hobbyists separate the precision cut pieces and assemble the project with glue. The laser cut industry mass produces kits while some individuals use personal laser cutting tools to create customized kits from plans submitted by consumers. The kits can be obtained through craft stores, hobby outlets, and private dealers.

Model airplane enthusiasts find dozens of design options created for laser cut kits. Basic kits feature planes powered by twisted strips of rubber and begin in sizes measuring 12 inches (30 centimeters) in length. After model completion, hobbyists use paints or colored tissue paper glued to the model to customize the aircraft. Individuals who enjoy flying radio controlled aircraft can find pre-designed or custom made laser cut kits for planes created on a larger scale. Constructed from plywood, the model airplanes may reach lengths of over 11 feet (3 meters).


Laser cut kits for dollhouses come in a wide range of sizes and styles. The pre-cut balsa wood kits include everything needed to construct an entire house from the foundation to the roof and chimney. Designs vary from simple bungalows or log cabins to expansive three-story gothic mansions. While many dollhouse designs are suitable for miniature dolls, other models accommodate larger fashion model sized dolls. Many dollhouse kits also include laser cut furniture pieces that hobbyists assemble and customize.

Many HO model train hobbyists use layouts that feature various buildings and structures positioned around the train tracks. There are laser cut kits available for HO train set-ups that allow the builder to decorate the layout with a number of accessories, including business buildings and structures, government buildings, railroad stations, billboards, and vehicles. Model buildings and decorative pieces are typically sold individually and many are designed to represent the early 1900s. Kits include assembly instructions and full color illustrations for finishing each project.

Novel laser cut kits include unique pen blanks that woodturning hobbyists can assemble and glue over the shaft of a ballpoint pen. Using wood lathes or other sanding tools, the hobbyist sands the design after assembly. Companies that sell these kits manufacture each laser cut pen cover and each small inlay from different types of wood, creating unique colors and patterns. Hobbyists can find designs that include a number of topics, such as other hobbies, occupations, or spiritual beliefs.


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