What are the Different Types of Laptop Accessories?

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Laptop accessories are additional items that can be used to enhance the performance of a laptop computer, improve user experience, or assist in the protection of the laptop. A laptop is a computer that has a built-in keyboard and a folding screen. Laptops vary widely in size, thickness, and weight and provide computer users the ability to work in a wide range of locations.

Accessories designed to improve the laptop performance focus on core laptop functions. All laptop computers have a built-in rechargeable battery. The capacity and lifespan of the battery varies by model and manufacturer. External rechargeable battery units are a popular laptop accessory, as they provide increased battery life.

Car and airplane charger accessories allow the laptop to accept power from the lighter outlet in a car and the power outlet in an airplane. Cooling mats are placed under the laptop to shield the user from the heat generation from the laptop battery and to reduce the radiation that may be emitted from certain types of laptops.


Tools that improve the user experience include a mobile computer mouse that is connected by a USB key, headphones, microphones, and mobile technology. Docking stations are base units that provide a central connection to power, network connectors, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The laptop is placed inside the station and pins in the back of the unit lock into the docking station. All the accessories are connected to the docking station itself, providing a simple, quick method of converting a portable computer into a desktop model.

Laptop bags are necessary to protect the laptop while traveling. These bags come in a wide range of shapes, styles, and colors. They are all designed to protect the laptop, provide an easy method of transporting the laptop, and have holding space for laptop cables and other laptop accessories. Laptop bags are available as backpacks, briefcases, portfolios, and simply carrying cases.

For users who are in wet or dusty working conditions, there are laptop accessories designed to protect the unit from these elements. Specially designed cases made from rubber and plastic materials are used to protect the laptop if it is dropped, exposed to water, dust, or dirt. When selecting laptop accessories, it is important to confirm that they are compatible with your laptop. Due to the wide range of laptop sizes and operating systems available, all accessories provide information on the models they are designed to work with.


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