What Are the Different Types of Land Surveyor Services?

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Surveying professionals rely on a variety of special equipment to help them analyze and map the earth. They perform a wide variety of services for everyone from residential homeowners to commercial developers and mining firms. Some of the most common land surveyor services in the residential market include marking the locations of property lines and settling issues related to zoning and right of way. In the land development sector, land surveyor services include determining property elevation changes and testing soil prior to the construction of a new structure. Land surveyor services in the mining industry generally involve testing for valuable materials, water or oil. Finally, land surveyors may also perform cartography services that are used in mapping of land and airspace.

For homeowners, the most frequently needed land surveyor services generally involve finding property lines and other boundaries. By hiring a surveyor to mark the boundaries of a property, homeowners can settle disputes with neighbors, determine right of way for things like a new fence or driveway, and create detailed property plans for building or other purposes. Land surveyors may use equipment to measure the line and find these property lines, or rely on historical research and records to answer property and boundary questions.


In the area of land development, land surveyor services include marking property boundaries and measuring contours and elevation changes. These services are required for commercial developers who are looking to buy or sell land, or for builders who plan to construct buildings and other structures on the property. Commercial development may also involve soil testing to determine if the local soil is stable enough to support certain types of structures.

Mining and oil companies may require land surveyor services related to soil testing. By performing these tests, surveyors can determine what types of materials are located in the ground, and in what concentrations. These types of services are used for locating precious metals, like gold and silver, as well as oil and natural gas. Surveyors can also help companies detect the presence of water, or even spot pollutants and harmful materials below the ground.

Land surveyors also perform cartography services, which are used in map production and refinement. This includes measuring and detailing the features of the land both above and below the ground, including soil or water located on the property. Cartography-related land surveyor services may also involve mapping the airspace above the land to determine the full range of a property line or boundary.


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