What Are the Different Types of Kosher Cakes?

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Kosher cakes are available in a variety of flavors, from carrot cake and chocolate crumb cake to Jewish bubble coffee cake. Fruits, such as apples, bananas and peaches, are used to flavor many kosher cakes. Honey is also a common ingredient and flavoring for kosher cakes, as are nuts and chocolate. Other flavor options include lemon and blueberry.

Apples play a starring role in some kosher cakes, including apple nut, heavenly apple and apple cake with honey frosting. Heavenly apple cake features low-moisture apples, such as yellow delicious. Applesauce is also used in many kosher cakes, including chocolate applesauce cake, chocolate chip applesauce cake and Victorian applesauce cake.

Carrots are used to flavor many kosher cakes, including carrot, carrot loaf and Aspen carrot cakes. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting combines grated carrots with shredded coconut and crushed pineapple. The frosting is made from cream cheese, confectioners' sugar and lemon juice.

Honey is found in many kosher cakes, including one bowl honey, orange hazelnut honey and classic honey varieties. Kosher honey cake is made by combining sugar, oil and honey with the batter's dry ingredients. Apple is grated into the batter, and cooled black coffee is added to the mix.


Peaches and pears can be used to flavor kosher cakes, such as parve peach and pear upside-down honey spice. Some kosher cakes are lemon-flavored, such as lemon dairy cheesecake, lemon golden pound cake and lemon lime Sukkot cake. Another flavor option is banana, which is used in making Friday night banana, chocolate banana and banana nut cakes.

Chocolate is a key flavor in some kosher desserts, including flourless chocolate cake, chocolate crumb cake and chocolate mousse cake. Other chocolate cake options include chocolate almond ripple, chocolate chip molten and chocolate pound cake. Nuts also are often featured in kosher cakes, including mocha almond bundt cake and butter pecan banana cake. Bundt cake varieties include gingerbread, blueberry-lemon and molasses spice.

Red velvet cake, pound cake and coconut cake are also available in kosher versions. Pound cake variations include chocolate, ginger and traditional. Several coffee cakes are also available, including sour cream, streusel and coffee-flavored. Some cakes are made with an assortment of fruits and nuts, such as kosher fruit cake, cardamom apple almond and blueberry walnut.


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Post 2

Fortunately, there are a zillion recipes online for kosher for Passover cakes. I found one that used honey and almond flour. I'm not Jewish, but it also lent itself to low-carb, so I made it for Thanksgiving. It was really good.

That's the other thing about kosher for Passover cakes. The sugar is for sweetening, not for texture or something, so as long as your artificial sweetener is kosher for Passover, too, then you're usually good in not using regular sugar in the recipe. That especially holds true for cheesecake and other flourless cakes.

Post 1

You have to distinguish between kosher and kosher for Passover. Nearly any ordinary cake is kosher, as long as you're not using lard or another pork product. Eggs are pareve, so it's all right to use them with milk. So the sky's the limit where a regular kosher cake is concerned. Knock yourself out, as long as you don't use pork, shellfish or mix meat with milk. You're good.

Kosher for Passover is something else again. Those can't have any leavening at all. A lot of kosher cooks use matzoh meal and potato starch instead. You could also use almond flour. For this reason, cheesecake is a really popular Passover dessert, along with any flourless cake.

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