What Are the Different Types of Knitting Jobs?

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Some different types of knitting jobs are knitting instructors, knitting designers, and plain professional knitters. In addition, some people knit only for charity and others fix knitting machines for a living. While knitting is often seen as more of a hobby than a career, knitting jobs can be very profitable for a fast knitter, creative designer, or niche repairman. These jobs can be incredibly diverse from each other and even in how two knitters complete the same job; for example, a knitting instructor can teach people through many methods.

Knitting instructors educate others on how to knit. These knitting jobs are typically reserved for people with a lot of knitting experience. Sometimes the instructors teach in person, demonstrating the pattern one-on-one and helping the client grasp the basics. Other times they record videos and upload them on the Internet. These videos can be free for everyone, or paid content available only to members that subscribe to the website.

The knitting community would stagnate without designers. Designers are people who create new knitting patterns for others to follow. They are basically clothing designers, but they can knit instead of sew, crochet, or other method of creating clothing. These kinds of knitting jobs are often freelance. A knitting designer can be hired to bring an idea to life, or he or she might simply create designs and sell them.


In addition, there are people who knit but do not design or instruct. These knitting jobs are among the most popular because they are easiest to get. A professional knitter usually follows a purchased pattern, then sells the goods. He or she might take color and yarn requests or make slight adjustments to a pattern based on a customer’s preference. Most knitters are not designers, though, and will not create a new pattern based off a customer’s drawing or description.

Some knitting jobs are strictly for charity and the knitter does not get compensation. It is common practice to knit for the poor or distressed; for example, the victims of an earthquake who no longer have much clothing. Charity knitters commonly knit sweaters, scarves, and socks for people. They have also knitted sweaters for penguins affected by oil spills. The garment prevents the bird from preening, thereby giving rescuers more time to get the penguin to a safe place for washing.

A knitting machine repairer is a very niche job. The person returns knitting machines to working order. These machines can be complicated, so a lot of know-how is in order for someone wishing to become a knitting machine repairer.


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