What are the Different Types of Kitchen Shelves?

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There are many types of kitchen shelves available to fit every budget and décor. Kitchen shelves can be hidden behind cabinets, displayed openly on units like baker’s racks, or mounted with brackets to a wall. They can be a part of furniture such as islands, hutches, floor cupboards, or pie safes, and made of various materials including wood, plastic, and metal. Some kitchen shelves are fixed in place, while others slide out from beneath a counter for easy access. Shelves can be found in any style, from the contemporary to the antique.

For a room with limited space, wall-mounted shelves are an excellent choice. Lumber and hardware can be bought at any home improvement store, or purchased in a shelving kit that comes with all parts included. By making the shelves at home, the exact size can be fitted into any space. The shelves in kits come in many sizes, styles, and types of wood, and can be bought either finished or unfinished. Wall shelves are inexpensive and easy to install.


An island will work well in a large kitchen that doesn’t have space along the walls for furniture or wall-mounted kitchen shelves. Islands can be found in styles with closed cabinets or with open shelves, but can be a bit pricey for some budgets. If the amount of money to spend on an island is limited, placing two low bookshelves back to back can provide a similar amount of storage. The top of the shelves can be covered with a piece of wood that has been stained or painted to match the shelves, or a decorative cloth can be thrown over the top to create a functional, attractive, yet inexpensive island.

If the kitchen has enough space to add racks or furniture with shelving, there are many choices that can either hide or display items. Metal, wood, and plastic racks are available that are both functional and modern, like a stainless steel rectangular rack, or decorative, like a baker’s rack. An open buffet or console table can provide more elegant storage, a hutch can provide a combination of open shelves to display dishes, and cabinets can hide clutter.

The kitchen usually has a high amount of traffic, and this can result in an unsightly mess. Paperwork, cookbooks, dishes, and other paraphernalia can accumulate, and kitchen shelves are the best way to neatly organize and store this hodgepodge of items. The right kind of kitchen shelves will make the room more attractive and help both family and guests feel more at ease.


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