What are the Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Organizers?

T. L. Childree

There are many different types of kitchen cabinet organizers to choose from. Most kitchen cabinet organizers are designed to make the rear portion accessible from the front or to eliminate unwanted clutter. Kitchen cabinet organizers can generally be grouped into categories such as pull outs, pull downs, and racks. There are usually several different organizers in each particular category.

A kitchen with multiple cabinets.
A kitchen with multiple cabinets.

Pull out style kitchen cabinet organizers make take the form of bins, trays, or shelves. A recycling station has a pull out tray with one or more bins to store various types of recyclable waste such as paper, plastic, and glass. Base cabinet pull outs allow items in the rear to be easily accessed from the front. Pot and pan pull outs are usually multitiered for extra storage capacity. Pull out organizers have multiple shelves attached to the inside of the cabinet door providing easy access when opened.

Kitchen cabinet organizers are also available in pull down versions to make use of extra space or for easy access to out-of-reach areas. A pull down cookbook rack is useful for keeping recipes clean and out of the way, but readily available for use. Cutlery racks store items in an organized manner and can be pulled down from beneath the cabinet when needed. Message center pull downs store pens and paper under the cabinet for easy access. Pull down shelves make it possible to reach items in high cabinets without the aid of a step stool.

Racks and organizers help to eliminate clutter while keeping items within easy reach. Cabinet spice racks attach to the back of the door for easy viewing and use. Spice rack drawer inserts are also sold to keep these products neat, orderly, and accessible. Plate racks allow dishes to be stored vertically for quick and simple access. A pegboard organizer allows plates to be neatly stacked into drawers rather than cabinets.

There are several other miscellaneous types of kitchen cabinet organizers that can be helpful. Drawer partitions are divided trays designed to separate various items such as cutlery and flatware. Tall cabinet systems feature multiple shelves that swing out for easier use. Baking sheet dividers have tall vertical partitions to store the pans in an organized and easily accessible manner. Wire bins roll out of the cabinet like a drawer and can be utilized for storing produce or cleaning supplies.

A drop-in style waste container fits into a hole in the countertop and allows scraps of food to be swept directly into it. A special top is placed over the hole when the container is not in use. Turntables allow items in the rear of the cabinet to be accessed from the front when rotated. These turntables are available in single or multitiered styles. A lift-out baking mixer platform permits the device to be used or stored without taking up space on the counter.

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