What Are the Different Types of Kinesiology Jobs?

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A variety of different kinesiology jobs are available to people who have been educated in this field. The types of jobs available depend a great deal on the level of education attained, which can be anywhere from the completion of a certification program to the completion of a doctoral degree. Kinesiologists can work with children or adults and may specialize in rehabilitation, athletic training, medicine, or education. Kinesiology jobs are also available in alternative career fields, such as journalism and advertising.

Some of the most common types of kinesiology jobs are found in the healthcare field. Professionals who work in these jobs may help patients with recreational, occupational, or physical therapy. Patients who have undergone severe internal trauma may also rely on the help and expertise of kinesiologists who specialize in the rehabilitation of the heart or lungs. Kinesiologists may also work as physician's assistants, nurses, or doctors, in which case they may have received specialized training in a field such as sports medicine or orthopedic surgery. Training for any of these fields often requires at least a four-year degree and often an advanced degree and ongoing professional development.


It is also possible to find kinesiology jobs in educational settings. Kinesiologists may work at public and private schools, where they may instruct children of all ages in sports, exercise, and physical education. They may also coach sports teams at schools, though these positions rarely require training in the field of kinesiology. At universities, kinesiology jobs may involve instructing students in a variety of different athletic programs or instructing future kinesiologists in the many skills needed in the field. Sports coaches for universities or professional teams may also have studied kinesiology as a part of their training.

Fitness centers, youth camps, and massage studios can also provide jobs for people who have studied kinesiology. In fitness centers, kinesiologists may act as personal trainers, teach classes, or organize and plan the exercise programs at the center. Kinesiology jobs at youth camps often focus on providing children and teens with developmentally appropriate physical activity. Massage therapists may also study kinesiology as a part of a licensing program.

Other fields also make use of people who have studied kinesiology. Sports writers often have some experience in this field, which they use to inform their articles. Advertisers may also make use of kinesiologists when targeting products at athletes. Kinesiology jobs can also be found in scientific research facilities, especially those where biomechanics is studied.


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