What are the Different Types of Kimono Sweater?

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The kimono sweater design is usually straight lined. It can vary greatly, however, in length from sweater to sweater design. Traditionally, this design concept calls for the left side to be wrapped over the right side, as this has become a popular look, though the wrap side crossover is dependent upon the designer of the garment. While the sweater most often features a tie that holds the sweater secure, it is also popular to to have a belt come with the sweater at the time of purchase verses a matching tie.

Designed following the traditional Japanese robe, a kimono sweater is a t-shaped garment that wraps around the wearer and ties either in the center or to the side, depending on the preference of the person wearing it. The kimono sweater is considered a wrap sweater. This type of sweater can be found in all types of knit weaves, from jersey to heavy looped wool.

The traditional kimono design would feature floor-length sleeves. The length of the sleeve of the kimono sweater varies greatly. Some feature the long sleeves that cover the hands of the person wearing it, while others have much shorter, boxier sleeves.


Kimono-style sweaters are more often worn by women than they are by men. There are kimono-style sweaters designed specifically for men, however, though admittedly they are often difficult to find. While the wrap style of the kimono sweater is not as popular for men, the traditional kimono-style sleeves can be more commonly found in men's wear.

Also referred to as the kimono sweater wrap, this sweater type is a common choice for beginning knitters due to the fact that it can be knitted in one seamless piece. Advanced knitters also may choose this sweater pattern. Though the basic construction proves to be quite simple, the addition of cables and other design elements provide a challenge.

The kimono style has remained popular for centuries. In sweater design, even vintage patterns feature this unique variety of sweater. The kimono sweater continues its popularity in large part due to the fact that it is a style that can be worn by nearly all sizes and shapes of people. It is popular as a style for maternity wear. From young to old, the kimono sweater remains a much sought after addition to a wardrobe.


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