What are the Different Types of Kids' Wall Murals?

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Some of the various types of kids' wall murals include nursery room murals designed with an infant theme, and hand-painted fantasy themed wall decor. Kids' murals may also include glitter-style wall stickers or peel-and-stick decals that are easily removed and reusable. Many kids' murals feature colorful cartoon characters.

Other types of kids' wall murals are also used for adult rooms. These include faux-finish murals created with faux-finishing techniques. Faux finish kits typically come with instructions for completing one of many designs for a kids' mural. These type of murals create an illusion of other materials such as brick, wood,or marble by using various painting techniques.

There are many other options for decorating a child's room with wall murals. Some of the simpler versions involve using stencils to create patterns, designs, or characters. A stencil can be used to hand trace the outline of a design or scene. After the stencil drawing is completed, it will usually be hand painted.

Wall stickers or peel-and-stick decals may be used to create a kids' wall mural. These can be arranged in various ways to cover a large portion of wall or simply cover a small area. Most of the stickers and decals that can be purchased as sets will not harm the painted surface of a wall. These can easily be relocated and reused.


Kids' wall murals depicting nature themes are generally popular with older children. Beach and jungle scenes can be made into a colorful children's mural. Some other types include paintings of butterflies, which are a popular choice for young girls. Murals done with a space theme, such as the solar system, are often preferred by boys.

Mystical or fantasy designs are other popular designs for kids' wall murals. An example might be a colorful unicorn painting or a sprite. Some of these also incorporate wild animals such as tigers and elephants into the mural's design. Dinosaurs are another style many children prefer.

Sports-themed kids' wall murals are another option. Some murals may depict one sport or showcase several sports. Basketball, baseball, football, and soccer are some choices for a sports-themed mural for a kid's bedroom.

Cartoon character wall murals and those with a Noah's arc theme are other choices that might work well in a young child's room. In some of these designs, the main focus might be a specific character from a popular children's cartoon, accompanied by a backdrop of various scenes. Some murals may combine several cartoon characters into one spacious wall mural.


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Post 2

My husband and I wanted to put up a wall mural for kids in our son's room but we didn't want to send a lot of money. When we started looking into wall murals for cheap we realized that there were not many to be had. Painters expect to be paid for their expertise and all of them wanted to charge more than we were willing to spend.

We caught a break when we discovered wall murals wallpaper. It is basically a mural that comes in the form of wallpaper. The image is divided into strips and you just line them up and paste them to the wall. It was fairly cheap and easy and our son loves it. He is too young to tell the difference between a proper mural and wallpaper.

Post 1

My little boy is a huge Toy Story fan so for his fourth birthday we had a toy story mural painted in his room. It is a big picture of all the main character with Woody and Buzz front and center. He loves it and he was amazed when we showed it to him for the first time.

We hired a local painter who specializes in children's wall murals. We told him what we were looking for and he was able to design an image we liked. I took my son on a trip to visit my parents and while we were gone the painter was able to do the entire mural. The paint was barely dried when my son saw it for the first time. Luckily, it's two years later and he still loves Toy Story.

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