What Are the Different Types of Kids' Haircuts?

A.E. Freeman

There are a number of different types of kids' haircuts, for both girls and boys. Some types of kids' haircuts, such as the pixie for girls or the buzz cut for boys, are very short, while others, such as the bowl haircut or the layered look, are on the long side. Other haircuts, such as the bob for girls or the Caesar for boys, are in the middle. The type of haircut that is best suited for a child depends on his preference and how much time he or his parents can spend styling the hair each day.

A bowl cut, which is a common boy's haircut, resembles an upside-down bowl.
A bowl cut, which is a common boy's haircut, resembles an upside-down bowl.

The bob haircut became very popular in the 1920s and remains a popular kids' haircut. Usually, a bob consists of hair that reaches to the chin, though some bobs are longer. Bob haircuts can be layered, meaning the hair is several different lengths or cut bluntly. Some bobs have short bangs in the front. A bob works well for girls who are active and don't want to spend a lot of time fussing with their hair.

The bob haircut became popular in the 1920s and remains popular among kids.
The bob haircut became popular in the 1920s and remains popular among kids.

The pixie is one of several kids' haircuts common with little girls. It works well with active girls who have slightly thick or wavy hair. The cut is short on the back and sides and slightly longer on the top. Hair in the front is typically layered so that it frames the girl's face nicely.

A buzz cut is a common haircut for little boys. It is similar to a crew cut, common among kids' haircuts. With both a buzz and crew cut, the hair on the sides and back of the head is cut very short, less than 0.25 inch, while the hair on the top of the hair is slightly longer. Buzz cuts are usually even shorter than crew cuts.

The bowl cut is a classic kids' haircut. When a child, usually a boy, has a bowl haircut, it looks as though the barber placed a bowl over his head and trimmed the hair around it. It's also called a mushroom cut, as the hair resembles a mushroom cap. The haircut is longer than other styles, with the hair cut just above the ears.

Another classic haircut for boys is the Caesar. The Caesar is a short haircut that resembles the hairstyle of the ancient Roman emperor. When a boy gets a Caesar haircut, the hair is cut very short against the scalp on the sides and back, but is long enough on the top and front to brush over his forehead.

A comb-down haircut simply falls down the boy’s forehead and over his ears.
A comb-down haircut simply falls down the boy’s forehead and over his ears.

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I don't really remember any specific hairstyle I had when I was young. All I know is that my sisters and I always had bangs.

We didn't get our hair cut very often, but every May 1st, all of us would get our hair cut. My mom made sure all of us had really short bangs.

She always trimmed our bangs between hair cuts, and figured if they were cut really short, she wouldn't have to trim them as often.

It is funny how you remember things like this. I can't remember the last time I had bangs, and think it must have something to do with this.

As far as my daughter goes, she is only 7, but already knows how she wants her hair cut. She will look at pictures of someone who is much older than her and say that is what she wants her hair to look like.


I see a lot of young boys with a buzz cut in the summer, but it always reminds me of growing up.

There were 4 boys in my family, and my Dad always cut our hair. He only knew one style and that was the buzz cut. That is the only way we had our hair cut until we were old enough to pay for our own haircuts.

Because money was tight, this was one way they could save some money. I remember how much I hated that cut, and now that I have boys of my own, never make them have one if they don't want it.

One of my sons wanted a buzz cut once, and I let him go ahead and get one. He hasn't had another one since, and that is fine by me!


I think the bowl cut is so ugly! Some parents think it’s cute, but it just makes me think of the 1960s too much.

I feel bad for little boys who have to walk around in public with a bowl cut. My own sister had her son’s hair cut this way, and I scolded her incessantly for it.

Of course, he didn’t care what his hair looked like. Boys rarely put much thought into their appearance, and as long as we don’t make them wear dresses, they are fine with whatever we choose.

I’m sure that in a couple of years, he will rebel against the haircut, if she continues to make him get it. As soon as he hits puberty, he will start caring about what girls think, and he will go for a cooler look.


I think the buzz cut is cute on little boys. When my little brother was six, he had this haircut, and I used to follow him around, feeling of his hair all the time.

What little hair he had left stood up straight on top of his head. To me, it felt like a porcupine, but softer. I was fascinated with how I could touch it and it wouldn’t fall over at all.

He found this annoying, and he decided to let it grow back out so that I would stop feeling of it. I think that if I have a little boy one day, I will get him a buzz cut just so that I can feel of his head!


@orangey03 - Most children live in the moment, so not many of them think far enough ahead to realize that their cut isn’t permanent. I think that’s why my daughter was so upset when she got her bob cut.

Her hair was about as long as yours was, so this was a major adjustment. She had seen a lady on television with a bob, and she told me that she wanted that hairstyle.

As the scissors cut the first long chunk of hair off, she gasped. After the second cut, she started to cry. It was too late to stop then, and I felt bad for the stylist.

She cried for a week over the loss of her long hair. In about a month, she could see that it had grown nearly an inch, so that made her feel better. I told her that by the end of the year, she would have long hair again.


I remember my first major haircut. I had waist-length hair until I was seven years old, but it was short on the sides, and I had bangs. That sort of style was popular in the early eighties, so I didn’t look too conspicuous.

My mother took me to a salon to get a pixie cut. She asked me if I was sure I was okay with getting so much hair chopped off, and I said that I was ready for it.

The cut was so different than what I had become accustomed to. My hair didn’t get in the way anymore, and it was so easy to brush.

I eventually let my hair grow back out long, but I did enjoy the cute cut. My hair grew really fast, so I knew I wasn’t stuck with short hair forever, and I think that’s why I wasn’t upset.

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