What are the Different Types of Kickboxing Equipment?

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Kickboxing is a popular boxing sport that is often used to provide a great workout or as self-defense training. It was created in Japan by Osamu Noguchi and Tatsuo Yamada as part of a form of martial arts. Instead of just using hands as in traditional boxing, a person uses their hands and feet to get the full benefits from kickboxing. This is a full contact sport, so it is very important to have the proper equipment for safety. Some of the different types of kickboxing equipment are mouth guards, boxing gloves and shin pads.

Mouth guards are one of the most important types of kickboxing equipment that is needed. Mouth guards are needed to protect the kickboxer’s teeth and jaw from injury during the fight or sparring. There are three types of mouth guards: boil and bite mouth guards, stock mouth guards and custom mouth guards. The cost of these guards can vary from $15 US Dollars and up. It is recommended that professional kickboxers invest in custom mouth guards, which are custom made for their teeth by a dentist.


Boxing gloves are another of the types of kickboxing equipment. They are used to protect the kickboxer’s hands from being injured during training or a fight. These gloves can be purchased in different weights. If a glove has a higher weight, it normally means that it has more padding in the glove. Typically, during a fight, a professional kickboxer uses boxing gloves that weigh 8 oz (227 grams) or 10 oz (283 grams).

Shin pads also are an important part of a kickboxer’s equipment. This kickboxing equipment is to protect the legs during training or a fight. These pads are available in different types such as cotton foam-filled or synthetic leather. The synthetic leather type of shin pads often offer more protection and are heavier than the cotton foam-filled shin pads. Most kickboxers seem to prefer shin pads that are not too bulky and are lighter.

Having the right kickboxing equipment will start a beginning fighter on the right track to become a great fighter. Other recommended kickboxing equipment includes head protection, boxing clothing and boxing shoes. The cost of these items might vary but will allow the fighter to be protected at all times during a fight. Safety is one of the most important aspects for those participating in kickboxing.


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