What Are the Different Types of Key Chains?

Sherry Holetzky

Key chains are handy for keeping track of keys, but they are also functional in other ways. Some key chains have built in flash lights so you can see the door when you are trying to unlock it at night, while others have personal alarms in case you need to alert those around you that you are in trouble. There are also those that come complete with other self-defense mechanisms, such as "punch knives" or pepper spray.

Key chains may contain pepper spray.
Key chains may contain pepper spray.

You have probably heard people talk about slipping your keys between your fingers to use as a weapon if attacked while walking alone at night. The punch knife is a tool attached to a key fob that slides between your fingers instead of using your keys. Before purchasing this type of key fob, or one with pepper spray, make sure they are legal in your area. Avoiding dark areas when you are alone is probably the best way to stay safe.

Key chains can be sold in the form of flashlights, personal alarms and self-defense items like pepper spray.
Key chains can be sold in the form of flashlights, personal alarms and self-defense items like pepper spray.

There are different varieties of key chains that people frequently collect. They may have charms, miniatures, or tiny placards with quotes or jokes. There are also stretchy bracelet key fobs that can be worn on the wrist, which tend to be popular with those that have large key chain collections.

Many new parents or grandparents choose key chains that come with small picture frames to display favorite photos. You may also see parents and other relatives using handmade key fobs that children have made for them from kits. These kits are fun projects for children, and they are often used as craft projects for scouts or camp. They can also be made at home to give as gifts to loved ones.

Of course, there are also several types of personalized key chains, as well as those that feature favorite sporting teams or the name of a school, and those that depict hobbies or other interests. Plenty of souvenir key fobs are also available bearing the name of a country, a state, a city, or a particular tourist location.

Key fobs also make terrific promotional gifts that can be given as customer appreciation items. A grand opening of a bank or other business is a great time to give away promotional key fobs. People like free gifts and tend to use them, which offers the bank or business a good opportunity for free advertisement.

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