What Are the Different Types of Key Account Manager Jobs?

Geri Terzo

There are key account manager jobs throughout many industries in the corporate world. The different types of these positions depend on the type of industry, such as retail, healthcare or agriculture. Often, senior professionals who have a substantial amount of career experience fulfill these roles. There is a large sales component to most all key account manager jobs, and it is an extremely relationship-driven function in a corporation.

Key account managers in agriculture develop relationships with managers of crops, seeds and chemicals.
Key account managers in agriculture develop relationships with managers of crops, seeds and chemicals.

In retail, key account manager jobs might revolve around creating new business accounts. The ideal candidates typically have earned several years experience in sales and perhaps as a type of account manager. Responsibilities surrounding such positions might include maintaining relationships with other account managers and renewing the contracts of existing customers. It's possible for a key account manager to be given the responsibility of increasing accounts in a local region or to expand business nationally or internationally. Sales targets are likely to be set and expected to be met by the professionals who are in key account manager jobs.

The healthcare arena is another sector of the economy where key account manager jobs exist. These positions are largely sales-related, and the individuals who hold such positions might be expected to increase the distribution or market share of a product. To qualify for a position in this field, individuals might need to be willing to oversee the sales performance of other staff members. The responsibility of servicing integral clients and accounts is likely to be assigned to individuals filling key account manager jobs. Traveling might be part of the job description, and key account managers are expected to keep pace with the competitive landscape.

Key account manager jobs in the agricultural industry involve developing relationships with managers of crops, seeds and chemicals. Developing other relationships with seed and chemical suppliers as well as farmers are additional facets of this position. Qualified candidates typically have expertise surrounding agriculture and the technology used in the industry as well as sales experience. In this industry, there is involvement with operators of corporate farms, so communication skills are relied upon heavily. It is likely that people in these high-level positions report directly to the head of a company, such as the chief executive officer.

To qualify for key account manager jobs, there might be flexible requirements. Some employers might require a bachelor's degree plus several years of sales experience. It also is possible that with only a high school or equivalent education but greater industry experience, an individual might qualify for such a position.

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