What are the Different Types of Jobs in the Publishing Industry?

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The publishing industry produces numerous types of written works. Traditionally, jobs in this field have mainly included occupations in book publishing as well as in newspaper and magazine publishing. Over time, the industry has expanded to include areas such as custom publishing and Internet publishing. Examples of jobs in the publishing industry include all types of writers, editors, artists, advertising and sales professionals, and distributors.

Writers occupy key positions in the publishing industry. They write books, articles, essays, website copy, blog posts, and much more. Within the category of book publishing alone, writing jobs can be broken down into several other specialties, such as novelists, biographers, and textbook authors, for example. In addition to books and magazines, there are numerous other publications requiring the skills of a writer. For instance, a copywriter typically focuses on producing ad copy or other marketing material for a print or Web publication. A technical writer, on the other hand, is a professional who interprets expert materials for a general audience.


In the publishing industry, writers work with many other types of professionals. For example, literary agents usually represent fiction and nonfiction authors, screenwriters, and others in book publishing. In any segment of the publishing industry, there are usually editors as well. A news desk editor, for example, might assign and edit all of the articles for a particular section of a newspaper or magazine. Some people might fulfill several roles. For instance, a publishing assistant may perform administrative tasks as well as editing at an organization with a small staff.

Artistic professionals, such as photographers and photojournalists, frequently work in news and magazine publishing. Published works often require the talents of other artists, such as illustrators, as well. Most magazines, newspapers, and other print publications would not exist without graphic designers, who provide layout services and other visual enhancements. Photographers and graphic designers also typically lend their talents to websites and other online publications.

Books, magazines, and newspapers generally rely on advertising, marketing, and promotion in order to make a profit. Relevant job titles in this field might include sales managers and public relations specialists. Some might work in the area of custom publishing, where certain publications are marketed to specific customers. Furthermore, in the Web publishing industry, another way of making money is to purchase advertising space on websites and blogs.

Finally, published material normally must be distributed in some fashion. Examples of distributors include booksellers and those who sell magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Increasingly, authors have been able to self-publish their work. People can subscribe or pay a fee in order to read the material. Publishing e-books and other Web-based documents, either free or for a fee, is another fast-growing segment of the publishing industry.


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