What are the Different Types of Jobs in Maritime Security?

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Maritime security is a career field that offers a wide variety of occupational roles for an individual wishing to help with the safety and control of areas relating to the sea and its traffic. Some maritime security workers patrol and supervise areas of the ocean as part of their jobs. Others are in charge of tracking information and reporting it to the appropriate individuals or groups. A maritime security position can exist in a variety of locations including offices, ports, and seagoing vessels.

A port security guard is responsible for the areas at which ships dock and set anchor. In some cases, a port may be utilized for shipping while others may be used by traveling passengers. A port guard will be responsible for routine supervision of the area, take action in cases of emergency, and call outside agencies for help with severe incidents. He will be responsible for following protocols to monitor and protect the port.


Coast guard organizations also offer many types of maritime security positions. A coast guard employee is in charge of patrolling an area of the ocean in a boat or ship and routinely monitors, secures, and reports to his superiors about this area. Another security job within a coast guarding organization is that of an analyst. A maritime security analyst will study and understand the safety parameters of a designated area and will report to others who will utilize this intelligence to plan for business, adapt policies and laws, and prevent crime. A senior level analyst could be responsible for coordinating intelligence between a coast guard and other agencies.

There are a variety of security officials who focus on anti-piracy and terrorism. These maritime security employees study and understand maritime crime statistics and attempt to develop and implement policies to deal with criminals such as pirates and terrorists. This type of maritime security officer will develop plans and procedures for handling crime and, like the security instructor, will train and instruct others on how to most effectively react to and control criminals at sea.

Many vessel such as private yachts, boats used for business, and cruise lines may have a use for a security manager or officer. Depending on the size of the vessel, a security manager may patrol and protect alone or supervise a team of security specialists. A security manager may supervise all areas of a ship through the use of computer technology, handheld devices, and personal contact. On a bigger vessel, a security manager may be assigned to one specific area on board the ship.


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